BlueTooth Keyboard For iPhone 5S

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Hi all,

I just upgraded from an iPhone 4s to the 5s. I had purchased the BoxWave Keyboard that attached to 4S and it worked quite nicely for me, so I thought I'd do the same thing for the 5S. Unfortunately, I realize now that they made a big change to the 5S keyboard involving how you type numbers: On the 4S keyboard, the FN key was a toggle, meaning you'd press it once and the keyboard instantly type numbers and other alternate characters like hyphen, plus, star, etc. And then pressing FN again would take you back to letters. With the 5S keyboard, you have to hold the FN key and press one of the other keys, no toggling, so I'm sending it back and getting a refund. Are there any other keyboards like the Boxwave available? I'd love to have something I can attach to my phone like the boxWave if possible.

Thanks for any help,