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Hi, I have just got a iphone 4s and I am finding it quite hard to type text messages. I also don't want to have to take my iPHone out when I'm out and about. What keyboards are people using with their iPhones? I am also intretested in what headset and 4s cases people have. I am looking for a cheap keyboard and headset prefereably rechargable via USB. There's a mini keyboard on amazon for about £10 or so but I'm not sure about the size of it. I would like something that is the size of a laptop keyboard or maybe a netbook. For the bluetooth headset, I am liking the Plantronics M50 Bluetooth Headset mainly because it is supposed to play music and most of the others in this price range don't seem to support this. I am looking for a headset that has a long battery life as I would like to be able to use voiceover and keep my iPhone in my pocket whilst out and about. Thanks for any help and advice



Submitted by Amy on Monday, June 4, 2012

Hi Neo. I'm guessing that by your references to currencies that you might be located in the UK. The folks over at computer Room Services have a bluetooth keyboard that may meet your needs, both economically and functionally. You may find it here on their site: Also, if you are located in the US, you may purchase it from: I hope this is helpful! Cheers,

hi Neo, there are many options about it. all depend your 1.Slider Keyboard.. it's tide under the iphone and is the same size of the iPhone.2.Solo Keyboard.. it's little more bigger very similar at the slider, the size is around 5 inches. 3.I use this one is around 12 inches and it is match compatible with the tablets and iPad too, and about the size is similar at iPad.. and 4. apple bluetooth wireless keyboard 18 inches is big and too expensive.

I am a fan of full-sized bluetooth keyboards. While they take up more space in your bag than miniatures, they tend to be quite light. Unlike many mini keyboards, the full-sized bluetooth keyboards allow you to take advantage of Voiceover commands such as VO+R to start continuous reading because they have a full complement of function keys. And doing your work on a full keyboard as opposed to a mini is a lot like flying first-class: you can spread out, relax, and not feel tense and sore after a long haul. I hear good things about the Freedom iConnex and Freedom Pro (not sure the latter is compatible with IOS so you'd need to check). These are folding keyboards that work best on a flat surface. They have dedicated on/off switches and rechargeable batteries, as well as several dedicated hotkeys for email, web access, etc. These are a nice compromise if you want something sort of small when folded that still feels pretty much like a regular laptop keyboard. Personally I like the Apple bluetooth keyboard. It feels good to type on, just like a regular Mac keyboard. It's made of aluminum with a plastic backing and little nonskid feet, and it's very light. It has nice grooves on the F and the J keys for easy hand placement, and the keys are large enough that I never feel cramped while typing. There are two terrible, horrible very bad things about this keyboard. 1: It has a super-sensitive on/off button on the side. It just loves to come alive in my backpack, and so I have resorted to removing the battery cap for transport. 2: It runs on AAA batteries, so it is both eco-unfriendly and inconvenient to refuel. That said, I still love the feel of typing on the Apple keyboard enough to put up with its flaws.

I use bluetooth headsets for GPS, during conventions and meetings, and when I need to dash out with just my iPhone, wallet and something small and wearable. The above situations notwithstanding, I do not like bluetooth headsets. Every one I've ever used has come with a high-pitched faint whine or whistle during transmission. If you have sensitive ears, keep your receipt until you decide whether you can deal with a miild case of iTinnitus. I've accustomed myself to it over time because I have to, but it isn't exactly relaxing. I've also noticed a lag with VO and other audio output over these headsets. Again, it's only a slight problem and is unavoidable, but don't plan on playing audio games where reaction time matters while you use bluetooth: iLag will make you lose. I use the Jabra Stone. It's tiny, feels like nothing when worn in the right ear, streams both VO and music in addition to calls, and recharges in its own little pod up to three times before needing a wall or USB charge. It has a nice glossy black finish that reminds me of a piano key. However, the battery life is dismal: I'm talking 1.5 hours tops of continuous VO streaming before it needs to spend half an hour back in its charging pod. My husband uses a bluetooth adapter for regular headphones called the Sony Erikson HiFi Bluetooth Stereo Headset with FM Radio. This gizmo allows you to pair with up to three devices, plus it's got the radio, which is awesome. We just checked and the device sells for $40 right now on Amazon. My husband finds the capacitive volume slider to be finicky and annoying and he also cautions blind users that the procedure used to switch among devices - hold down play and then swipe along the slider - is probably even less fun without vision. However, I just tried it and it's not crazy hard if you're patient and you plan on switching devices daily as opposed to every five minutes. If you don't mind clipping the transmitter to your collar and plugging in wired phones to cover the short distance from clip to ears, this is a low-cost option that, as a bonus, comes with a binaural listening experience courtesy of the comfy buds or cans you already own, a decent mic that picks up your voice from its home on your collar, and inline audio controls. The device is rechargeable (although it cannot be used while charging). The battery life lasts a normal workday, probably more when just the radio is on. And hey, since your iPhone will probably run out of juice far sooner than the HiFi will, the analog delights of the FM band just might keep you from freaking out about spending an hour without a computer in your hand.

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Thanks for the detailed feedback both. I don't want to spend too much on the keyboard and the Apple one is a bit too expensive I think. I will check out the freedom one also. The thing is there are quite a few cheap ones on amazon that I was wondering if anyone had bought and tried? I will try staying away from bluetooth headsets for the moment if I can. From the sounds of it, it seems like they're not worth the hastle. If ther's any that can keep their charge for a full day whilst using VO then I'd be intrested to hear about it. What cases are you using for your phones? I just spilt some drink on my iphone but luckily it survived .... this time. I'm not sure about the nex time though.

hi Neo, I hope help this comment. you can go to the webside and check the prices for US just I got my iPhone 4S fiew months ago and I got otterbox defender case for $39 that it is very safety and kind of big it is very good options for the first time but hmmm? the price after 3 months I don't need it anymore just I got a ship bummper for $15 and I like it is very small and confortable. other way that could help you is touch typing from your iPhone in this way is very fast to type texts, to do this go; rotor select typing mode and slide down or up with your finger and select touch typing. and even you can create shortcuts for the better experense go to settings/ general/ keyboar/ add shortcut/ type your frase for example talk to you later and the shortcut t yl .

This is a link to the Amazon Basics bluetooth keyboard: And this is a link to a review by a person who has used this keyboard with an iPhone and VoiceOver: Note: The keyboard does in fact have an escape key. I asked the person via Twitter who reviewed the keyboard. Reviewers seemed to not be able to reach a consensus on this point. It also gets power from AA batteries; I believe it might use two. I'd stay away from the Apple keyboard if I were you. It's a great keyboard and feels good to type on, but it uses a button to turn on instead of a switch. This can easily get bumped and can mean that the keyboard accidentally turns on in your bag, thus draining the batteries! This is why I'm selling mine! Hope this helps, Shersey

Hi, I've bought a no brand apple clone keyboard. It didn't come with any detailed instructions. I have paired it to my iphone successfully but I'm hoping it works the same way as the standard apple keyboard as I have a few questions. It has a rechargable battery with charges via USB. I am not sure if I'm supposed to switch the keyboard on when it is charging or if I can leave it powered off? Also, I have the SB settings tweek installed on my iphone for switiching bluetooth, yfi on and off etc from the notification centre but it doesn't work with voiceover. Has anyone come across another tweek that would allow me to easily switch bluetooth on and off without having to go into settings each time? also does voiceover have any way of reading paragraphs like the Ctrl + down arrow command that JAWS uses? It would be handy whilst navigating in Safari. Thanks

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just a matter of preference , but I have used the jawbone head set for the past 7 years and been through all generations now on era. I enjoy the hands free and have multiple charging usb cords so I can charge at work, home or in vehicle ,someone else driving of course. I also purchased a custom ear piece from avery sound . com which is amazing and can be made for any blue tooth head set you choose.