Bluetooth headset with voiceover

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Hello all, I am looking for a really amazing bluetooth headset earbuds that works great with voiceover. I got a sony bluetooth GR1TBD headset, if i'm not mistaken, and when I tried it with my iPhone 4s with the iOS operating system, it found that the voiceover wasn't transmitting through the headset properly, however, when i tried it on my macbook pro, it worked great, even though the sound effects weren't coming through. I'm willing to pay good money for something that will last me for a long time; especially once i upgrade to the 5s. If anyone has any good suggestions, please let me know. I read on here, that the Platronics was a really good brand. Anyhow, good suggestions would be helpful. I'm also looking for a pair that will allow me to listen to music, read books, etc. .