bluetooth headphones for my iphone 4s

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Hi all I was wondering what might be the most affortable bluetooth headset I can get for my iphone 4s. Things I'm looking for in a bluetooth headset are, long battery life, being able to streme music, good deep sounding base, perhaps in sterio, and if possible no earbuds. Any help is appreciated, thanks.



Submitted by xenacat3 on Monday, August 27, 2012

The AT&T online store is selling the MoGo Talk Bluetooth Headset/Case - iPhone 4 for $5.00 with free shipping. I just ordered one but don't know any more about it than what I've pasted below. Overview MoGo Talk(TM) has the first BLUETOOTH® headset that can charge with your mobile phone, act as protective case for the iPhone 4, and is capable of delivering superior audio quality in an ultra-thin (5 mm) design! It snaps into the cradle and is charged through a flip-up micro USB connector on the case - the connector is flush to the case when not needed. The case is a one-piece design that snaps onto the back of the iPhone to protect the back and sides of the phone. Screen protector film is included as well. MoGo Talk's folding earpiece lies completely flat, enabling it to store and charge on the back of a mobile phone or inside a laptop. It is specifically designed to comfortably fit inside your ear, not around a clunky speaker like other BLUETOOTH headsets. Compatible Devices Apple: iPhone 4 - 16 GB , iPhone 4S - 64 GB , iPhone 4S , iPhone 4 Item SKU: 74349(MoGo Talk Bluetooth Headset/Case - iPhone 4) Note: I had to use my iPhone to order it, because the "add to cart" button is an image and none of my PC browsers would let me click it with Window-eyes. Apple FTW.