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Dear All, I've seen Marco's forum message on bluetooth headsets but I want to ask yet another question about what bluetooth headphones people use? I want something that will answer and control my I Phone 4s but my main want is for high quality music reproduction from my I Phone and a set of headphones that don't have those horrible pieces of silicon that you have to push into your ears! Also, are there any bluetooth headphones out there that will give me some control on what buttons I am hitting? I want something with volume, on, off and connect that are tactile or prowd of the headphone ear casing, so that I can feel what I'm pushing. Kind regards, Steve.



Submitted by Clare Page on Friday, December 14, 2012

hi! When I want to use bluetooth headphones with my iPhone 4S, I use my Logitech H800 headset. This is probably more than you need, as you specifically mentioned headphones rather than a headset, and this particular headset doubles as a wireless headset for the computer which maybe you don't want, but it has easily findable buttons on its right-hand headphone can, start/stop, volume up, volume down, and mute, and if bluetooth is switched on in your iPhone's settings the headset will connect as soon as it's switched on and set to the bluetooth position on the on/off switch of the headset. As for the sound of this headset, it's great for music, pretty bassy but with enough treble for the base not to dominate, and the sound is very clear too. Although this headset goes over the head and has quite big cans, it is still pretty light. That's my personal choice, but I'm sure there are plenty of great bluetooth headsets out there which would meet your requirements.

I just got myself a pare of go groove air band bluetooth headphones and I like them a lot. They're kind of uncommfortable for very prolonged listening but the headphones themselves are nicely padded with the same phoamy stuff you'd expect to find on some headphones, and you have controls on the left headphone for play/stop, which is the big button in the center, and previous and next are below that, and volume up and down are there as well. The headband is also expandable too which is nice. As for sound quality it's a lot better than I expected. It's not going to be studio quality of course, these are only $44.00 on Amazon so you can definitely find more expensive headphones. But these were in my price range, they do all I need them to do and they are up to scratch as far as I'm concerned. Pairing them can be a challenge, but it's definitely doable. just turn on the headphones, wait a minute or two to pair them and you'll see an alert box on your iDevice that says, GG air, not paired, button. double tap that, and in a few seconds the sound will start coming from the headphones. there are ways of routing the audio from the headphones back to your iDevice. on any radio app or other music-related app if you swipe to the right you'll see an airplay button. double tap this and you'll be able to decide where the sound goes, either from video iPhone, or audio airband. I'm not sure why the iPhone counts as video, but hey it works as advertised. So while the audiofiles of the world might complain about it's lack of response, remember you're in the mid range for price here, and for what you're paying it's a hell of a good pare of headphones. You can also answer calls with these too. if you get a phone call, simply press the play/stop button once to answer the call, and once again to end it. Very nice indeed.

Someone recommended to me plantronics m100 headset. it allows multiple parings so you can pare it to your mac and iPhone at the same time. It was last I checked going for $25 on amazon. I think retail price is about $100 or maybe a bit less.