Bluetooth GPS options for the iPod

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To all interested, Another option to consider is a bluetooth GPS, or a GPS receiver that plugs directly in to your iPod's docking port. I use a bluetooth GPS called the Universal Electronics xGPS 150, it sits on my arm with a little arm band thingie, and it works great with navigation apps. Another option is the Bad Elf GPS receiver which plugs directly into your iPod but drains battery power pretty fast, or so I'm told. Both of these cost about $100, but getting an iPod with one of these, plus whatever navigation apps you want, is still a lot cheaper in the long run than paying an iPhone monthly contract or, heaven forbid, getting one of the notetaker GPS products. All the best, Kirt Manwaring



Submitted by Kirt Manwaring on Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The bluetooth GPS i use is easy to pair with the iPod. You just pair it like you do any other bluetooth device in the settings/general/bluetooth list of devices. Keep the dang thing charged and it works wonders!

Submitted by Deborah Armstrong on Saturday, July 2, 2011

I have a Holux GPS which pairs fine with my Nokia phone and my netbook. But I've had no success pairing it with my iPod. I'd read you need to jailbreak an iPod to use it with any external GPS. Is that no longer true with iOS 4.3? Or did you jailbreak yours?

I know you have to put the bluetooth GPS I use on a special iOS mode-but it comes that way by default, and all you do to change it to the mode to use it with laptops/androids/whatever is flip a switch-flip the switch back when you want to pair with the iPod touch. No, I have not jailbroken anything, it works fine without it.

This is great news. I'm not sure I really need to add GPS, but that doesn't stop me from lusting. When I first got the 4G Touch, everything I read said Apple had locked out blue tooth GPS, and the only option was jail breaking. Then I saw stuff about a plug in Dual unit, and now it seems I can go with a blue tooth. I may be rethinking that whole "need" thing again.

Submitted by kgs on Friday, October 12, 2012

I would be interested in knowing which specific GPS apps people are successfully using with this accessory. Thanks

Submitted by Bat on Friday, October 12, 2012

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A lot of apps that use location services will work with the iPod touch although there are exceptions. Apps such as Four Square or Around Me that require a constant stream of data to update the data on what's around you will only work on a wifi connection. Once you lose the connection you lose most if not all functionality. For apps such as Navigon which stores maps on your iDevice you can do things like get directions but some features will only work with a network connection. Also, some developers wil restrict their apps to not install on the iPod, so naturally, you will want to pay close attention on which devices are compatible in the app's listing in iTunes.