a bit of help with my power qube

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Hello to all. I got a power qube from AtGuys and love it, except I can't plug in my AC charger I want to plug in. I start to plug it in then I feel resistance. Is there anything I need to do to prevent this?? Is there a button I need to push, I know some power strips come with baby safety things. I know how to plug things in; however this stumps me. I feel like I'm hitting something and don't want to brake the inside of the power qube.

I should add on the back of the power qube there is a button but I don't know what that does and pushing it appears not to do anything, this button is a mystery.

Thanks all.



Submitted by Rachel Feinberg on Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Hi Sarah, In order to plug in your power Qube, you need to remove the plastic cover off the outside of the main plug. It's to protect against dust and things. Once you do that, you should have no problems.

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