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Hi, For totally blind users, is it practical to use only the touch screen on an iPad for typing? I tried typing briefly on an iPad resting my fingers on the screen as if I had a keyboard, but I found it difficult. As I said, it was a brief experience. If this is not practical, what is the best keyboard for an iPad used in Australia? I suspect there might be different keyboards in different countries so that is why I mentioned where I would want to use it. Thanks.



Submitted by djolney on Monday, October 14, 2013

If you want a software keyboard to input words with one finger as fast as you can.

Submitted by Alana on Monday, October 14, 2013

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Sorry I meant hardware keyboard.

Submitted by allseed on Monday, October 14, 2013

Split keyboard mode works well even on an iPad mini and apple has a number of layouts to choose from for their little aluminum bt keyboard

I'm low vision and I'm not a big fan of typing on the on-screen keyboard on iPad either. It's ok for a quick web address or a password or whatever, but beyond that a hardware keyboard is a good idea. The Apple bluetooth keyboard is very nice. Personally I'm using the Logitech K760, which allows you to be paired with up to three Apple devices at the same time and switch easily between them by pressing F1, F2 & F3. It's about the same size and price as the Apple one. There are also iPad cases with built-in keyboards, such as the ZaggFolio. There are fold-up keyboards too but I don't know the name of any to recommend, but I definitely saw them mentioned on here before. HTH