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What are the most common iOS devices for gaming? Since the iPod touch and iPad 32bit are so close in price on amazon and I can get the latest model, I'm not sure if I want to buy an iPod touch or an iPad for gaming, particularly for blindfold games. I have an android device but that is just for my phone. But I want either an iPod touch or iPad for gaming, my really big itunes tv shows and movie library that just keeps growing! much better braille support, note-taking, and all that other stuff that iOS can do that android cannot. I'll keep the android around for its cell phone service and the stuff that it does good. But my original question is, iPad, or iPod touch for gaming particularly blindfold games? I'll get a 32gb model and stream most movies and tv shows. and if I download any I'll download them in sd to fit more on the 32gb storage. I already have an apple tv box and windows laptop/tablet with itunes on it. Do any of you use both iPad and iPod touch for gaming? or are the smaller devices best for gaming?



Submitted by garnit on Saturday, August 17, 2019

I find a smaller device works better, especially in games where you move by moving your device. Now, I haven’t played too too much on the iPad, so Don’t take my advice too seriously, but that’s what I’ve found.w