best bluetooth keyboard for the IPhone

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Hello. I'm planning to get a bluetooth keyboard for christmas. What is the best keyboard?



Submitted by Pyro2790 on Saturday, November 17, 2018

you have to provide some relevant information for others like myself to make recommendations. What do you hope to get out of a blue tooth keyboard? Are you looking for portability? Something that is small and fits in a pocket? Something that is rugged and durable? Just a standard keyboard that is easy to type with?
Also, what is your price point?

If you want the best possible blue tooth keyboard there is the Corsair K63 mechanical. This is going to give you the best typing experience for a blue tooth keyboard. It is both a wireless keyboard for your computer that has a USB dongle and it has blue tooth so you can connect to an iPhone, iPad, mac computer, etc. Best possible typing option although this is not particularly portable. The keyboard itself is quite heavy. This keyboard is also going to set you back around a hundred dollars, maybe slightly less now that it is not a brand new product.

If you want something more middle of the line you can go with the Logitech k810. this is a full sized blue tooth keyboard. It has metal backing so its a solid choice and a durable option. Price point may be more like 40 to 50 dollars if I remember correctly.
Its all about your needs and what will work best for you though. If your looking for top of the line hands down best typing experience on blue tooth I'd go corsair all the way. I love the keyboard and highly recommend it.
If you want something more middle of the line, lighter easier to carry in a bag, but still solidly constructed go with something like the logitech k810.
If you want something even cheaper go for a keyboard that is more portable and smaller in size than a full sized blue tooth keyboard.
There are literally endless possibilities out there of blue tooth keyboards. Only you will know what is best for you and meets all the requirements you are looking for in a blue tooth keyboard. I would much rather have a quality and solidly built keyboard with a great typing experience. This is why I highly recommend the corsair or the k810. both are solidly built keyboards, but are not small enough to fit in a pocket.