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Hello all
what is the best bluetooth headset that you recommend for working with VoiceOver on iPhone 6Plus?
i tried some of them but there was a lag when navigating items on the screen.
Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
Best regards



Submitted by Santiago on Sunday, November 1, 2015

I'm pretty sure, most, if not all Bluetooth headsets will have a bit of a lag when using them with VoiceOver, or any other screen reader. As for the quality itself, it probably depends what kind of headset you'd like. I'm currently considering the new Aftershokz Blues 2S, since I'm content with my EarPods from Apple, but would like a pair to listen to music or use BlindSquare while my phone is in my laptop case on my way to school and back or when ever, really. Alternatively, I'm considering some Bose or Beats headphones to replace the EarPods, so if anyone can answer this question, I'd gladly appreciate it. I'd like some over-ear headphones with a lot of base, so do the Beats really have more base compared to the Bose? I also heard that the Beats headphones are louder than the Bose, so can anyone confirm or deny that?

Submitted by cjoseph on Sunday, November 1, 2015

So, I spend about 15 hours a week on the phone for work. Subtract a lot of headsets. I have a pretty good idea of what's out there and what works so take what I say with that use case in mind.

Plantronics Voyager Legand with Charge Case:
This is a workhorse. It is durable and with the charge case lasts me about three days with out a single charge. The audio quality on a call, from voice over, and audio books is fantastic. But, it's very conspicuous. It has a boom style mic arm the comes down your cheek about 2 inches.

The Moto Hint (2015 edition)

This is a great tiny inconspicuous earbud style headset that is great for voice over and blind square. The audio output isn't great for anything "hi-def" and can have issues with higher pitch sounds and or higher volumes. The battery life isn't fantastic, but it does come with a charge case that will make it last a couple days of solid use. For calls and voice commands, it is acceptable to good, but not as good as the plantronics.


These are great for walking around with VoiceOver and blindsquare. In a noises environment you'll have to turn them up loader than you'd like though. They also run a bit small, so that might be something of you have a larger than average cranium. Audio quality wise they are great for voice, but not super fantastic with anything complex. Battery life is surprisingly good as well.