Belt clip cases for the iPhone 6S.

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I'm looking for a good belt clip case for the iPhone 6S. I have the following requirements:
1. Screen must be able to face out when in the clip.
2. The phone must be able to charge while in the case/clip combo.
3. The back-facing/front-facing cameras should be covered, but not by anything you have to move aside to use them.
4. The ports and volume buttons should be covered, however.
5. A built-in screen protector (not one you have to apply yourself) would be extremely nice, but isn't an absolute dealbreaker.
6. A holster that isn't a case and clip combo isn't something I want. What I mean by this is those pouch-like holsters that you put a naked iPhone in or one with a slim case on it, and that close with a flap and are kept closed with Velcro or magnets. I need access to the screen when out and about, and don't want to have to keep moving aside a flap just to do that.

Some background:
I had the OtterBox Defender for my 4 and 4S, and loved them! Unfortunately, the Defender for the 6S has been plagued with quality control issues--the most significant of which is the screen protector part of the case not being flush with the screen of the phone. I could buy a different screen protector and use it instead, cutting out the installed one, but I shouldn't have to pay extra to get a feature that already comes with the case and is supposed to work.

I currently have the Griffin Survivor case for my 4S, but don't really like it. The back-facing camera is covered by a piece of rubber that you have to swing aside when you want to use it. To be fair, I did know about this before purchasing the case. I thought I'd like that feature, but I found out that I really don't. Secondly, and even more annoyingly, the clip is designed in such a way that it blocks access to the charging port of the phone while it's in the clip. This is frustrating to me, as I often need to charge my 4S when out and about (it is horrible at holding a charge now). I think I won't have to charge the 6S while out and about as much, but I still would like to be able to. And I would like to continue carrying the phone in the clip while charging.

A while ago, I got the Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro for my iPhone 6S, and it's a great case, except for having to go in the clip with the screen facing in. I tried putting it in the clip with the screen facing out, and it wouldn't work. The case and clip are just not made to work that way. Anyone who tells you that this case can be held in the clip with the screen facing out is either having better luck than me, or they are overlooking the fact that the case warps when you try to do this.

So, I'm stuck. It's been difficult to find a case/clip combo that exactly meets my requirements. Suggestions are most appreciated!




Submitted by david s on Tuesday, March 29, 2016


What kind of issues are you referring to on the Otterbox Defender? My wife has it on her Plus and haven't encountered any problems. And the times I've used her device, I didn't encounter any problems.

I have been a long time Otterbox user so I was disappointed when the Defender was not available when I got my phone. I ended up getting a Pelican Voyager and was surprised when I liked it more than the defender. The belt clip/cover is the same as the defender and the screen can be mounted inwards or out. The ports are accessable while in the cover. The big plus for me was it does not feel rebbery and is a little slimmer than the Defender.

The screen protector is included but it has a tackiness feel to it. So when you swipe, it's not smooth to the touch. You can call Pelican customer service and ask for a smoother, non tackiness cover and they'll send one out to you at no charge. On my phone, I ended up installing a tempered glass protector by bodyguardz. I'm not going to get into the Gorilla glass vs. tempered glass unless you're really interested.

HTH and good luck.