attaching a tactle overlay to a screen protector?

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What is the best and easiest way for a blind person to put on the tactle overlay on a screen protector.



Submitted by SpeedDots on Monday, July 20, 2015

Hello: we do send out clear instructions in our confirmation emails with every screen protector purchase. There is also application instructions on our web site for easy review. That said, we recommend removing any screen protector products that you may already have applied, and using the included wipes to clean and dry the screen prior to application. The screen protectors have 2 protective layers. To apply the screen protector do the following:
1.Locate the tab for the bottom layer and remove it.
2.Apply the screen protector to your device and make sure its centered on the screen as best you can. You can use the edges as well as the home button to make sure its centered. If the screen protector is not lined up on the screen properly, it can cause the corners to peal. After making sure its centered, firmly press down on the screen protector and make sure its stuck to the phone.
3.Locate the tab and remove the top layer. After removing the top layer, it's a good idea to press the screen protector on your phone one last time to make sure its securely in place. If you have any additional questions, please rather than respond to this thread, email us directly at: and we will be more than happy to help!

Submitted by Ken Downey on Monday, July 20, 2015

This is one of the reasons I never bought an overlay. I use a Survivor case with built-in screen protector. Ideally, what I would really like is a case with a slot I could slide different overlays in. They wouldn't stick, but the case would hold them in place. They would be custom made. Imagine taking out your overlay for standard use and sliding in one for GTA or some other game that uses precise control. Then, you slide that out and slide in one for Garage Band, where the chord bands are bounded. The list goes on and on. If you guys make a case like this, that can protect my phone as well as a Survivor case, or figure out easy ways to make overlays for cases, I'll snatch them up, believe me.