Are those external wireless hard drives any good?

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How accessible are those WiFi hard drives you can use with your iOS device? I've seen some pretty good deals on some on Amazon and mainstream reviews make them sound pretty good, but as we all know they don't account for accessibility with VO.

Since I got my iPhone SE, I use it almost all the time because the a9 combined with using BSI makes it "good enough" for almost everything I do. I don't take the MBP with me most of the time because it's just easier and faster to use the iPhone. For the more "real work" stuff I'd need to do it'd probably be better to use Windows anyway, so instead of using boot camp or fusion to put Windows on the MBP, I thought about getting one of those wireless drives and a little Windows tablet and sticking NVDA or JAWS on it for the times I need to do something like a lot of writing or use PDF's (Windows screen readers just work better with the Braille display). I could get some extra iCloud drive space, but I don't know if I like the idea of only having everything there, which is why I was considering one of those WiFi drives.



Submitted by Roxann Pollard on Saturday, September 17, 2016

I purchased the Patriot Aero 1TB Wireless Mobile Drive (PCGTW1000S) from

I use this drive with my iPhone and it works very well. Just download the Patriot app and you have full control over the drive. Just remember that if you use the drive, your home WiFi network has to be turned off and the Patriot drive becomes your network while in use. Otherwise, it's fabulous.