Any recommendations for a mid 2012 MBP charger?

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Hello. This is Jane.
I use a mid 2012 MacBook pro and ned of a charger. it's the L-style one.
I bought one from apple for $60 and it lasted about 11 months.
I bought one from Amazon for $24 and it lasted me a month.
I take my mac to school everyday and need a stirty charger that will do ok with the ocational cord bending.
To bad, we can't get any old laptop charger or USb to charge it up.



Submitted by Justin on Monday, March 28, 2016

Take your MagSafe charger to an apple store and they will replace it for free. These chargers have a flaw in the chord where if they are bent too much it will fray. They have a free replacement program. Do not buy the $20 chargers from cheep sellers on amazon. They are a crappy knockoff of the apple magsafe chargers that won't last with your occasional bending. I should know. I like you did the same thing. I can't tell you how many of these apple adapters I've also went thru with my macs. It's unfortunate that they can't redesign the cable on these chargers. Ah well. If no apple store is in your area, buy a new adapter on amazon for $60ish.
Unfortunately, that's all I can give you.
HTH, and good luck!