any accessible smart bathroom scales?

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Hi guys.
Wonder if you could help?
been looking in to getting a set of smart bathroom scales and wondering if anyone has tried the Eufy ones and if so do they know if the scales and app are accessible?
I’ve tried downloading the app and the registration process is accessible at least. But as I don’t own the scales I can’t tell I accessing the different metrics will also be.
Other options are the Kardeobace 2 scales but they are twice the price, it’s not a deal breaker but the really bad reviews on amazon is a little more concerning.

I had a look at the RENPHO scales which do have very good general reviews. But the registration process on their app isn’t accessible so don’t have high hopes for the rest of the app and the taotronic scales someone else mentioned here isn’t available in the uk.
If anyone has any other recommendations that are available in the UK that would be very helpful
Thanks in advance.





Submitted by cat_lover on Friday, April 16, 2021

I've actually been using a Renpho scale since November or so of last year. The setup was accessible, although it definitely doesn't seem to be. There's kind of a floating button that you have to tap on, and if I remember right, I was able to do it just by tapping on my scale name. Once it's paired though, it's great, even if there are several unlabeled buttons. The important information, (or at least the information that I consider important), is fully accessible.

Submitted by Lou on Saturday, April 17, 2021

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Thanks Cat lover.
It’s possible that I may have downloaded the wrong app.
There are 2 apps for Renpho listed on the App Store.
The first that comes up is just titled Rentho and the byline states that it’s ’ for Renpho scales.
The second is called RENPHO smart .
I downloaded the first and wasn’t able to get past the registration process either by trying to log in as a guest or by registering with an email and password. The the log on or register is the first screen that is presented.
I downloaded the second to see if it was any different. The rejustation on the second app looks a lot more user friendly though I haven’t tried completing the process.
Can you tell me which of the two apps you use please?
Also can you tell me what metrics you are able to access using voiceover?
just a quick thing about the scales them selves .
How do you know when to step off and how do you know that you are standing in the correct place?
Is it possible to do the initial set up without sighted assistance?
Sorry for all the questions

Thanks again.

The app I have is the one just called Renpho. When I open the app, I have two buttons, Sign Up or Log in. If I double-tap on sign up, I get a form, along with an option to use guest mode. I don't remember what happened the first time I opened the app, but at the moment, everything is definitely reading for me.

For your other questions, my particular scale has four tactile marks on it. They tell you to step on with dry feet without socks, so you can feel these marks so you can be sure you're putting your feet in the right place. The app can be set up to play a little sound when weighing is done. So I've got three sounds set up; one for the same, or less than a pound and a half gain or loss. A second sound if there's more than a pound and a half gain, and another for more than a pound and a half loss. I don't actually have a model number because they don't seem to list them on Amazon, but I think I paid around $30 Canadian for mine.

You can set a target weight, so each time you weigh, using the app you can see how much you've lost since you started, along with current weight. I can also get BMI, body fat, metabolic age, and a whole bunch of stuff that I don't even know what it is.

Submitted by Lou on Sunday, April 18, 2021

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That’s odd. Because I’m unable to get past the registration process.
When I open the app it presents me with sign up up or log in.
When I hit the sign up button it gives me the options you are talking about.
When I select guest mode I get a blurb stating that I can sign up without an email address but my information will only be stored on my phone.
below the blurb
It states ‘I have read the above information but there is no check box next to this and nothing happens if I tap it.
below that is a confirmation button.
However tapping that button doesn’t do anything. .
It’s the same thing if I try to register with an email address and password.

There might be something I’m missing but honestly I’m not sure what.

Btw using an iPhone 11 with the latest IOS.
I havn’t tryed the watch app.

Thanks for the info on the scale it’s self.

Submitted by gailisaiah on Monday, April 19, 2021

Hi Lou: I have a good old fashioned talking scale. It works perfectly!

Submitted by Lou on Monday, April 19, 2021

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Good for you I’m glad your good old fashioned talking scale works for you.
However comparing a talking scale to a smart scale is rather like comparing a talking watch to the Apple Watch, they both serve a basic function of speaking out the time but They both serve different purposes. .
I already have a talking scale. I was really looking to upgrade to something that would give me more metrics and be able to add the data to my apple health app. There’s nothing wrong with a talking scale it’s just not what I’m looking for but thanks anyway.

Submitted by Bruce Harrell on Monday, April 19, 2021

I got a talking scale once, but all it ever said was, "One of you please get off."