AfterShokz Bluez Open Ear Stereo Bluetooth Headphones

Hardware and Accessories

Most of the following is a slightly edited version of the information provided at:

"AfterShokz Bluez sit comfortably in front of the ears and provide listeners with a stereophonic sound experience. The innovative and elegantly simple design of AfterShokz Bluez open ear headphones is built around a beautifully designed, highly ergonomic, extremely stable, one-piece warparound headband.

The open ear design and the light weight of AfterShokz Bluez make them extremely comfortable and stable, even when used over extended periods of time."


  • Open ear design ? nothing in or covering the ears
  • Stereo listening experience
  • Unblocked hearing for safer outdoor activities
  • Transducer pads sit on your cheekbone in front of your ears, making these far more comfortable than traditional Bluetooth devices
  • Reliable, Bluetooth connectivity
  • Lightweight, elegantly simple, ergonomically designed and extremely stable wraparound headband and offers unmatched comfort when worn for extended periods of time
  • Make/take call button on the right transducer and a pause/advance button on the left transducer offer total control over music, podcasts, and phone calls.  (I wonder how large these buttons are; could I wear them under a heavy parka hood and press them through it?)
  • Adjustable tension band to accommodate a wide range of head sizes and ensure a secure fit
  • Patent pending bone conduction technology transmits sound through cheekbones to inner ear, bypassing eardrums
  • Includes deluxe hard storage case"  (I wonder how large this case is, and whether there is, say, a belt clip?)

I've also included the following review. Not sure if this is a valid concern for my purposes which is to use them while travelling with my IPhone 4S so that the two devices would never be more than 2 feet from each other, maybe 3 if I wear the IPhone on my belt in front of me for purposes of GPS directional accuracy; Perhaps someone could educate me on the supposed Bluetooth issue?  Not recommended for serious music audio geeks though music audio with aftershokz to me is minimally tolerable.  I currently own the earlier model with cord and found them most excellent for my intended use except for wrestling with a fragile wire in a down-filled parka with hood and monster gloves.
This review was obviously based on Bluetooth specifications alone as they are not yet ready for shipment.

"in 2012, you can't seriously be introducing new headphones with ancient  Bluetooth 2.1 +EDR, which always produces unstable, noisy, crackling connections in every-day surroundings."



Submitted by Vash Rein on Friday, December 28, 2012

Bluetooth 2.1 actually works very poorly with iphones running voiceover for visually impaired. It seems to respond sluggishly on the iphone when a user touches anything and makes it frustrating to use at times because you double tap on something and it takes an extra 2-3 seconds for the headset to respond. I believe that Bluetooth 3.0 and 4.0 are going to be much better as they provide much quicker response and seem almost immediate when touching or taping anything. So far, not too many Bluetooth headsets have been provided the 3.0 or 4.0 standard. I honestly do not know why, but most come with 2.1 which make them unusable for me.

perhaps this bluetooth issue requires explanation from the manufacturer which I will certainly do once the rumball season has passed, like in the new year; that information about sluggishness puts a bit of a damper on my enthusiasm which is why I included this in my initial information. That can be a serious issue with simple issues like talking to SIRI, or GPS information. Much appreciated.