Advice Please: Iphone 12 pro max case

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Hey everyone:

I decided to finally take the plunge and invest in an iphoen 12 pro max. Yeah yeah, I know, it's huge, and iphone 13 will be coming out soon, but the time was right and the money, well, it's affordable right now. So I'm asking the applevis community for the best recommendations regarding cases for my new phone. The case does need to be waterproof, as I have a young toddler, and usually waterproof cases do offer some degree of drop protection. However, after doing some exhaustive research, sound quality is never at the top of any sighted person's list, so I'm asking you, what case do you think offers the best protection and best sound quality? I have used Lifeproof Free cases in the past, but I saw a troubling review online that stated that the sound quality was terrible with the iPhone 12 pro max case, which seems bizarre, as I don't see how much they would have altered the case since the iPhone 10 case, which I have and I have little difficulty with sound. So, before I run ahead and buy a case that I'll hate, I thought I'd pose the question to this community, as sound might be something at the top of most people's lists. I realize that if the Lifeproof case of the 12 pro max is anything like its predecessors, of which I have a few, sound does get diverted because of the speaker placement on the actual phone, however, I do not find that it compromises it that much. It's not like I'll be listening to music on the phone itself, but rather better quality bluetooth speakers, LOL. Anyway, does anyone have any advice? Cost is not necessarily a concern, as I'm willing to pay for protection, but thrifty options are never to be dismissed. Finally, I should note that I did consider the Oterbox Defender case, but it does not offer 360 protection, nor is it waterproof. The new cases all seem to have gone screenless, so that they can squeeze more money out of you for a decent screen protector. Marketing marketing marketing.

Thanks in advance for any advice.



Submitted by Dennis Long on Tuesday, June 1, 2021

I like the Poetic Guardian case. I have it for my iPhone SE. It is a nice case. I have thought of getting a battery case which would mean the Poetic case couldn't be used anymore. The only reason I haven't is I am waiting to learn more on the iPhone 13 models before I decide if I will get one.