accessible smart thermostat that works with homekit

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Hi I know this has been asked before. But I don’t think it’s been asked recently so hope this is ok.
I am looking to get a smart thermostat so I can have more control of my heating with out having to rely so much on sighted assistance as I have to do at the moment.. I don’t really require an easy to see interface as I have no vision. But I would like one that has an app that is accessible with VoiceOver. I would also really prefer to have one that will work with home kit as I’m quite heavily embedded into the apple ecosystem. Also I’m in the UK so it would be interesting to know what some of the people from the UK use. Any recommendations or advice you guys could give would be welcome.
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Submitted by Bruce Harrell on Thursday, December 31, 2020

Any blind friendly USA thermostat recommendations would also be appreciated.

Submitted by Robin on Thursday, December 31, 2020

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Hi, I'm in the US but I believe the Honeywell Lyric Pro t-6 is available world wide. Its Honeywell Home app is accessible with VoiceOver and it is also Home Kit compatible as well. It is completely touch screen so no buttons but as I said both means by which to access it i.E. its own app and Home Kit work well with it. I hope that helps.

I'm not sure if I spelled the manufacturers name correctly. I have the ecobee for thermostat. It works well with HomeKit and Alexa. The app is relatively accessible itself and the HomeKit interface works well. This thermostat yes I admit, is a little expensive. I have found with home automation, you get what you pay for. A cautionary note, you will need sided assistance during the set up process. Patience is key here, you will get it. Once set up though, it works extremely well with both voice assistance