12 inch MacBook overall impressions wanted

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Hello, I am looking for 12 inch MacBook owners to give me their impressions on the usability of said MacBook.
I am looking at picking up the 2016 M7 version. For me, it's all about the great sounding speakers. Otherwise, I just grab an air and be done with it! Well, the portability is an asset as well.
I can deal with just a single US BC port! I will not be using the computer for intensive editing etc.
My concern is the keyboard. Given that I need to use the keyboard to navigate the computer I am concerned that it is not very tactile for a blind user. I am coming from a mechanical keyboard which, of course, is extremely tactile! If any of you out there actually uses the 12 inch MacBook, please give me your impressions of the keyboard, the weird arrow keys, the tactile feedback and usability of the keyboard from the voiceover perspective.
Any other issues that affect the blind experience, Both positive and negative, is also welcome! It's weird, I don't see a lot of posts about the 12 inch MacBook on Applevis which leads me to believe that the little guy it's not very fun to use from the voiceover perspective! May peace be with you! Cheers… Rocker



Submitted by Jake on Thursday, July 7, 2016

I don't own one of these, but I did look at one for several hours. Personally, I took to the keyboard right away. The weird arrow keys are starting to become the norm even outside of Apple; I first saw these on an Acer Chromebook three years back so I was already used to them. Every key is distinctive and they are more responsive than any keyboard I've yet seen. For a mechanical keyboard user the extremely low travel will take some getting used to, but that's another matter and that will be the case with any laptop keyboard these days. Put it this way: I liked the keyboard so much that I got a Magic keyboard to use with my devices, since it's as close to the new Macbook's keyboard as one can get. If I could get this Macbook keyboard fitted on my Macbook Air, I would.

Submitted by Rocker on Thursday, July 7, 2016

Thanks for your reply! That is a solid opinion indeed! I too have played around with it, but you know, at an Apple store or Best Buy, you're kind of under pressure! He travel is a concern, but I will also be relying heavily on the trackpad so, I don't know well, who knows right!? Hopefully, I receive some more responses from actual MacBook users thanks again cheers