A good YouTube app that runs on iOS 6

Hey guys, I was wondering if I could get your opinions on a good youtube app that works well under iOS 6. My iPod Touch Fourth generation doesn't support iOS 7. I'm also looking for a free app. I tried Googles app, but found it to be a bit confusing I have YouPlayer, but it crashes on me a lot, sometimes at randum times while it plays a video. Any help would be great!


pro tube, mctube or tube/dl

If you are jailbroaken, you can get pro tube. Right now, the downloads do not work, but you can still stream videos. It is not free, but it is only 2 or $3. If you are not jailbroaken, you can try mctube or tube d/l, they are not free either, but I think they are only 2 or $3 as well. Good luck.

iOS 5 youtube app

Hey I also forgot that if you are jailbroaken there is another option which I think is free. I am not sure what it is called but it may just be called youtube. Anyhow, what it is is it is an app that is just like the youtube app that used to be a part of iOS 5.

Play Tube Perhaps?

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Hello Ivan, Have you try doing a Search on AppleVis for something that you may like? Although, I personally love the YouTube that Google makes. I understand it isn't for everyone. When I did a quick look in the Search. Came across something called the PlayTube here at: http://www.applevis.com/apps/ios/entertainment/play-tube-free-best-youtube-player Not sure if this worth looking at but it's FREE and it wouldn't do any harm to check it out. Wasn't sure if you were a Jailbreaker but I think a majority of us are not. So Jessica in the above comment could help if you are. HTH