a good money reader with a ipod that only has a front camera?

Hello all.
I am wondering if there is any money reading apps for an ipod touch that only has the front camera.
I have tried using eyenote but it does not work.
So if there is anything else that I am missing then please let me know


#1 I wonder if there is a good

I wonder if there is a good money reader, regardless of the camera. I've read that locktell money reader and eyenote have a low accuracy, and that don't recognize other than dollar.
Honestly I didn't check wether this info was real or not, so I won't give my opinion.

#2 The money reader from LookTel

The money reader from LookTel can read up to twenty one currency's. It can only recognize paper money. I don't know if the application supports the front camera, you can't switch manually. Here you can read about the app on AppleVis http://www.applevis.com/apps/ios/utilities/looktel-money-reader