Using ringtone maker, an iPhone 4 running IOS 5.1, a windows XP computer, and Jaws 7.0

Hi all,
I have an iPhone 4 running the latest version of IOS. I use the free ringtone maker app made by Zentertain Ltd. My only access to iTunes at the moment is through a windows xp computer that if I remember correctly the version of Jaws installed is 7.0. The app works well and I am able to make my tones with no problem. But when I go to put them on the desktop so I can transfer them into iTunes and then on to my phone, I click the "save to" button and an iTunes dialogue appears that jaws doesn't read. My only two choices are "Ok and cancel" When I press either of them nothing happens and jaws gives me no choices as to where I can save the files, but if I try to resave one it tells me that there has already been a file with that name saved to that particular location. I looked for them on the desk top and wasn't able to find them. I tried to search for them but was still unable to find them! Does anyone else use this app and jaws and knows how to do this? I want some ringtones for calling, texting, and some other things as well, and I really don't want to pay $1.29 on iTunes for 30 seconds of a song. If anyone can help it would be very much appreciated!!
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Wo! jaws 7?

My first and probably last piece of advice is try a newer more up to date screen reader. Either NVDA or system access to go will work fine and should tell you what the dialog is saying.

JAWS Cursor

Hi Holly,

I know this is probably a stupid response, but have you tried using the "JAWS Cursor" to read the dialog message?

I usually find JAWS rarely reads any dialogs in iTunes automaticly and activating the JAWS Cursor helps finding the message displayed.

Hope it helps