Problems accessing the Control Center on my iPhone 6

Im on my third iphone 6 because about once a week i can't utilize the notification pull down or the slide up option on the phone where you can get to the quick display for airplane mode, bluetooth, airdrop etc. I have wiped my phone clean many times and set up as new phone at least 5 diff times and made sure i didn't download any old things that might be corrupt. The only way to have it work again each time is to do a hard restart. Does anyone have this issue or any idea what the issue is?


#1 Hi.

I currently don't have an iPhone 6, however, it sounds like the reachability mode is turned on. I might be wrong here, I think in order to deactivate this you have to go into accessibility under settings. I'm not sure, as I haven't played with an iPhone 6. You've got to get right on the status line before you can swipe either direction.

#2 zoom

Hi, I do not know for certain but I believe you enabled zoom. when you set up your phone for the first time, it asks you whether you want to use zoom or normal standard mode. I would suggest you stay away from zoom as I have heard some people having issues with certain jesters. I would set it to standard mode. You'll have to re-set up your device and select standard view.

#3 I did have it on zoom on

I did have it on zoom on every phone. i will try that and hopefully will work. Seems like a logical answer, but where can i tell apple about this issue? even the genius' at genius bar couldn't figure it out and said weren't sure where to leave comments about major issues. Thank you and i will let you know how this goes, but it sucks cause i like my stuff big.


#4 after i test zoom i will test

after i test zoom i will test reachability but its not an issue with shipping left and right its an issue with swipping up and down. they have given me 3 new phones and seems that this zoom would be the most logical answer, thank you both i will try each separately to try and see the exact problem. hopefully these work

#5 I don't think reachability

I honestly don't think its reachability as it turns off after 10 seconds of inactivity , or if you hit the home button. If it stayed on on a semi-perminant mode, then it could be the issue, but given how easy it is to shut off, even by accident, I doubt this is your issue. However, it is certainly worth a shot. This is found under the accessibility settings and under interaction.

#6 true. I didn't know you could

true. I didn't know you could do the zoom mode during setup as new phone. Interesting.

#7 yes i always zoom the whole

yes i always zoom the whole screen as thats what you should be able to do if you want but obviously it causes glitches. I hope this is the cure as its been ok so far. I will keep you all in the loop.

Thank you all

#8 iphone 6 zoom

I want to thank you all. after apple giving me 2 new phones because they couldn't figure it out the problem is solved. My notification slide down and the slide up control center would always quit working and i would have to constantly restart my phone. i would even video it to show the genius bar each month so they could see, finally after trial and error and thanx to usman above i needed to turn all the zooms off including the follow focus and i always had my screen zoomed. even when put whole screen off zoom mode the freeze would still occur, it wasn't until i took that off and the three finger zoom and the follow focus that it was finally fixed. Mind you I'm happy to have finally found the problem but it Sucks that i can't have my screen full zoomed and the apps larger or use the three finger zoom feature. I really hope they fix this, but in the meantime I'm very happy to be able to use my control center again. thank you

#9 thank you. read my long

thank you. read my long comment on thread, i appreciate it, you did what apple couldn't figure out.

#10 I never use zoom mode, but....

I never use zoom mode, as before I read this I'm not even sure what it is, but I'm glad you got it fixed. I just restored from an iCloud backup and there all my apps were, ready to go when I got my iPhone 6 last November. I love it.