how to delete music from iPhone 4

Hi everyone. I should know how to do this because I've had my iPhone 4 for 9 months, but how do you delete a song from the music app?


Deleting Music

well, just connect it to iTunes and delete the songs from in there....

double tap and swipe

Find the song you want to delete, then do a double tap and hold and then swipe.

Keep in mind that if you sync up with iTunes the song you just deleted will simply be copied back on to the device, unless of course you have iTunes set to copy music manually.

The best thing is if you don't want a particular song on your iOS device, don't have it in your iTunes library.


Thanks, I'm having the same

Thanks, I'm having the same problem with three songs. I have show all off. Consequently, all three songs are by the same artist. Hmm.