Help, the Apple Watch App is Missing After I Jailbroke My Phone

Posting this here cause the jailbreak forum seems to be missing. after I jailbroak my 10.2 phone my watch app is missing and i can't install it from the store. help please.


#1 In order to get back the

In order to get back the Apple Watch app you need to delete the jailbreak. Try to restore your iPhone using iTunes. You should be able to restore the latest version of iOS 10 which is iOS 10.2.1. Here is an article on how to delete the jailbreak:

#2 And this...

And this, ladies and gentleman, is one reason why you might not wanna jailbreak. Sure you can install tweeks and stuff, but it opens your device up to a whole new level of security threats if you aren't careful. Ah well. Live and learn.

#3 Don't restore your phone just yet!!!

Hello. Before you restore your phone using iTunes, there are a couple things you can try. First, try launching the Apple Watch app using Siri. Hold down the home button and then say something like launch the Apple Watch app. If that doesn't work, try a hard reboot by holding down the power and home buttons. Note that you will have to re-jailbreak using the jailbreak application when you reboot because it is semi untethered. see if the Apple Watch app Pops up after the re-jailbreak. Let me know if either of these don't work and I can recommend a couple other things to try. I've found jailbreaking to be extremely beneficial, and there's no reason to lose your jailbreak when you probably don't have to. Cheers! :-)

#4 Hidden?


Two things you can try. Go to page 1 and search for watch. You can also go to cydia and unhide all the icons.

Are you going to JB the watch too? Plenty of cool features if you do. Was there a reason why applevis pulled the jailbreak forums? I miss reading visually impaired folks JB’ing their devices and what apps they find helpful.

HTH and good luck.

#5 Jailbreak Forum Merged with General Chat Forum

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A couple months ago, we merged the Jailbreak forum with the General Chat forum; one of the reasons we did this is that activity on the Jailbreak forum was decreasing. All discussions from the Jailbreak forum have been preserved and are now in the General Chat forum.

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I've tried all that hard reboot siri spotlight and even reset my homescreen and had to put all my apps back in folders. The app is still gone. I've never seen an unhide icons option in cydia. Where is it?

#7 Watch jb

I've never heard of a watch jb yet. Don't think one is out yet but one did just come out for the new apple tv.

#9 THanks Mr. Hansen!


Nice to know the topics can still be searched. I thought the entire JB info was removed. Can the topic of the forum General Chat be changed to General Chat and Jail Break? I think plenty of folks thought the JB forum was removed because it’s a forbidden topic?

Many, Many thanks to you and your crew for the great job you do with applevis.