Gaming with a braille display

Hello' i am using a focus 14 blue with an iPhone SE' I am wondering wich games are playable with using the display'


Any game that works with

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Any game that works with actual VO and does not involve self voicing should work. Dice World, Alter Ego, Worder, and most games that are not audio based. None of the Blind Fold games can be played with a braille display unfortunately.

Blindfold Games

Actually, most of the games have a braille display mode which outputs through VoiceOver. Keep in mind that VoiceOver drives the braille display, so the game content must be visible to VoiceOver.

Blindfold and braille displays

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Hi Chris. Sadly, the way in which braille support has been impli is not very well done. Each message that comes up is a flash message only. So unless you have flash messages set to be run very slowly, or unless you wish to hit space with N to display the announcement history and the pess it again to advance to the next card/propt and then have to do the process again. I'd be curious if any actual braille display users have found a more effective way to play with braille displays only.

I see

Ahh, I see the problem now. Unfortunately, this appears to be yet another iOS limitation. The only way I can think of to get around this would be a redesign of the games to print the text onscreen or to a special VoiceOver interface. Either that, or just deal with flash messages.