The game hunter does it again

I have found another great game, or'rather a series of them.' The app is called multipath text adventures, but the stories are read to you. That is right, a choose-your-own audio adventure gamedd'You can ei'dictate your choices or push the buttons button and have buttons showing¥ the choices. I'll post this once I¢ more accurately determine accessibility.


#1 Trial ware

it's not clear to me, I thought it said free in the review but actually when you're playing it keeps asking if you want to play more trial or purchase the book. And if one did want to purchase it doesn't say how much it cost. Also, it calls the individual book downloads purchases even though they seem to be free, but I guess just as trials. It's all very vague. it gives me, for one, the impression that they're not being forthright with their monetization scheme.
Why would I agree to purchase if I have no idea how much it costs?

#2 I agree. As trial ware is not

I agree. As trial ware is not aloud on apple's app store, they are, in fact, braking the TOS.

#3 I think the loophole they're

I think the loophole they're using is that the software itself is free. Each book can be played twice, and after that they are each $1.99. I have already bought two of the four and they're awesome.

#4 Oh, okay

thanks Ken. I've been playing the sci-fi one and it seems okay, perhaps for the younger folks. Definitely worth two bucks I'd say. But I still think the developers tactics are a little slippery.

#5 Submission?

Could you please submit this app on this site?

Thanks in advance.

#6 Can't find it?

I can't find the GAme on the austrian App Store. I type in Multipath Text Adventures but no results. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank in Advance.

#7 I can't find the game either

I searched it too, i'm using the US store. Is the game still available, or just not in the US?

#8 I think the wrong name has been given

I believe the correct name is multi path audio. I'll just go and check and make sure.

#10 O, thanks, that makes more

O, thanks, that makes more sense!