the game blind world

hi. i've discovered today a game called blind world. i searched all over the applevis site but i didn't find any reference to it. the thing is that it costs about 2 euro and i want to know if has anyone tested it and if it's accessible. thanks for attention.


#1 No I haven't tested it

No I have never played this game before will ahve to do a beta teston it.

#2 Contact developer?

I suggest the best route to take is to contact the developer of the game directly and ask him/her if the game is accessible with VoiceOver.

#3 Remember though

Hi. Remember that not everyone knows what the heck Voiceover is anyway. i'd ask if they would be willing to let you try out the game with a promo code, and offer your chance to give valuable feedback. I did this with a recipe app, and when I told the developer that it was inaccessible and that I was planing to ask Apple for a refund, they were more then happy not only to give me the recipes I was missing but also to let me know when the new better update would be released.

#4 On the note about people not

On the note about people not knowing what VO is, it may help to ask, "Is this app accessible with Voiceover (the iPhone's built-in screen-reader)" or somesuch.

#5 I've tested the app

Hello. The game is totally inaccessible at all! I don't recommend any one to buy it since it is not accessible and not VoiceOver user friendly. It has not been updated since 2011. VO totally doesn't speak when starting the app! Well, the name of the game is BlindWorld! But it's not designed specifically for blind users! Some developers have suddenly stopped updating their apps! This is so frustrating! The last update was on 2011.