Free voice recorder

Hello. I am looking for a free audio recorder for my app bbecause I cannot get a gift card right now. I found one that works kind of good but I don’t know how reliable it is. Can anyone reccomend a good such app?


Tried Voice Memos?

The default phone app I mean. It does an Ok job of recording, and you can even trim. Or are you looking for something in specific or something different?


I meant for my apple watch. I have found a recorder called Aurora Recorder wich seems good. But I would like to know if there are others so I have something to compare to. I think Aurora seems to do a nice work but still, I want to try others. This recording app is designed for the watch actually. Is there an apple watch version of the native app`?

Free Voice Recorder

I would say Voice Memos which is the default Apple app for recording. It says that there is support for the Apple watch so you should be able to use it on the watch as well as on your phone. I'd say its the best free recorder, if you were looking for more features or being able to edit the audio then those options are available as well, but they most likely are not going to be free. Voice Memos works great for recording on the fly capturing voice, etc. is it high quality? Not really, and its not in stereo either, but it definitely gets the job done.


Can you send me a link to this app because I have failed to find it.


I found a brilliant app called Aurora Recorder. The quality is wonderful and clear and the interface is completely accessible. It can share recordings and there are no in app purchases. This is the best app I have found. I got it earlier today. I love it and the recordings, while being in good quality, does not take a lot of space.