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Hello, my name is *Philly Eye and I’m looking for a truly free bible app that isn’t cluttered and easy to use and deal with. The “Bible,” app from: Live church TV; isn’t as excellent as it once was. Can anyone advise me or point me towards a really good free or even paid Bible app? Seems that VO users are getting a raw deal, usability is going downhill with all the updating. “Go E.A.G.L.E.S.”


#1 Hi. Have you tried Amazon

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Hi. Have you tried Amazon Kindle? There's probably even free ones. I haven't really looked in detail as its not my thing but I'd say it's worth a look.

#2 Hi, I would suggest the app

Hi, I would suggest the app from New Version and is just known as "bible". if you type bible in you app store it will come up. this is free, and there are lots of bible reading plans you can sign up to. I think bible gateway is also good. I also know of an app which you can use specifically to memorise bible verses called Fighterverse. these are for reading the bible, I think there are some other apps like pocket soard which I haven't tried yet but I have seen that is particularly good for bible study. let me know if you need any more help. good luck Lucia

#3 Not quite free, but simple and fast

I really like FastBible for eas of use. It costs $0.99 and has only the KJV and World English Bible (WEB) versions, both of which can viewed without an internet connection. It has a history button which shows your recent views. Beyond that, there no frills but it is uncluttered and easy to use in my opinion. The URL is: HTH Lisa