formatting command on mac

I was going through a document using pages and wanted to check the format. Is their a vo command that can do that and, will it work with tex edit too?


#1 VO-t

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There is, and it works just about anywhere. On the text, just press VO-t to hear formatting information. Note that you can also press vo-v, right or left arrow to "formatting changes", and choose an option other than "do nothing". This will let you detect formatting changes as you read. Remember to interact with the text field in which your text is located or the formatting information may not be accurate to where your cursor is.

#2 quick nav off

Thanks for the help. If i turn quicknav off will i still have to interact with the text to change it?

#3 Re: Quick Nav off

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I'm not sure I quite get the question. Turning Quick Nav off when editing text is something I'd suggest to anyone, as it makes both typing and navigating far easier. But the vo-t command will work with Quick Nav on or off, and Quick Nav has no effect on whether you should interact or not.

#4 editing

Thats what I meant. If i could still edit and do the vo aeros with quicknav off.. Thanks for the help.