Focus 14 issues


Has anyone with a focus 14 braille display noticed that when typing in edit fields, or using the spacebar for chorded commands such as switching braille input/output modes that sometimes it doesn't do it? Has anyone also noticed that when your typing, you'll sometimes see spaces that you didn't put in the edit field?


#1 Firmware update

Go to the Freedom Scientific website and update your Focus 14 to Firmware version 5.90. My unit came with 5.80 and doing chorded commands on iOS was practically impossible with it. This is precisely what this new firmware fixes. Also worth noting that unfortunately Firmware updates can only be done on a Windows computer at the moment.

#2 acording to fs, have the latest version

Acording to fs, I have the latest version of the focus 14 firmware wich is 5.71

#3 Regarding Firmware for the Focus 14.

I have a Focus 14 5.71. How do I do the firmware updates? Thanks.

#4 Can I even update to 5.90?

Hi! So apparently I don't have a 5th generation Focus 14 because there is no menu button between dots 1 and 4. However, when I looked at the firmware download page for 4th generation, it said that the updated firmware version should be 5.71 (which is what's on there now). Can 5.90 even be put on my device then? If not, is there another way to remedy the issues with form fields? Thanks!