Fire Emblem Heroes: a Game that can made accessible

I've been thinking about this for a while now, and I really think this would work. Fire emblem, as some may know, is a strategy RPG in which you move units around a map to complete a certain objective, not unlike chess. I'm not sure what programming language Nintendo and Intelligent Systems used to create this, but I truly think that this type of game could be made accessible due to how the core gameplay functions. Because you need to easily keep track of the map at all times, and you can spend as much time on a turn as you need to, and there are only up to 8 units you need to keep track of, I would think that with the proper gestures, this could be made accessible. What are your thoughts?


#1 I think they use Unity for

I think they use Unity for all their games so they can put them on both iOS and Android. So they'd probably have to use the same accessibility plug in that Crafting Kingdom does. I've never been into strategy RPG's, but I'd probably check it out if it could be made accessible. I think the question is what's the best way to make these big mainstream devs aware of accessibility.

#2 Good question

You're completely right Brian. the main thing I believe that we should do is not -every from a demanding perspective. Rather, suggest changes that would make it more accessible. We would, I think, need to show them that we are a community that would truly apreciates their time and effort if they make it accessible.

#3 I would probably just start

I would probably just start by raising awareness of the accessibility plugin available in the unity store:!/content/87935

It is a little pricey, but even with that in mind developers aren't going to use it if they aren't made aware of it.