Favorite iPhone apps

We all know that there are a lot of really cool apps available in the app store. What are some of your favorites?


The official Facebook and

The official Facebook and Twitter apps. The push notifications are my favourite part of both apps.

Wow you must be really with

Wow you must be really with VoiceOver. I can't get the Facebook app to work very well so I mostly use Focus. But yes the push notifications are really nice.

Some of my favorites

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There are absolutely so many awesome apps for the iPhone. Here a few of my favorites. FeeddlerPro iCatcher Breaking News Focus Google Voice with TalkaTone WeatherBug Bookmark Bing FindMyFriends Vlingo Dragon Dictation VizWiz Money Reader White and Yello Pages UrbanSpoon TuneIn Radio MusicID Crackle Yes, Facebook isn't the best but I do use this myself along with Twitter. I don't seem to have any problem in using Twitter. Focus doesn't seem to display all of the status if I were to use Facebook to read what has been posted. Strange.

Yes that is strange

Yes that is strange especially since focus is supposedly geared toward news feed. I would have to agree with you on some of thos apps I love dragon, vlingo, focus, vizwiz, and icatcher. And the rest of those you mentioned I'll have to check out. I also really like seven little words and HeyTell.

My current favourites

Some of my current favourites, in no particular order, and all totally accessible: Downcast - powerful podcatching app Audible - for listening to Audible books Book Player (I think it is Audio Book Player in the store but it gets shortened on the home screen) - excellent player for downloading all the free out of copyright Librivox books read by volunteers. DropVox - quick voice memo app with DropBox sync. Can be set up so that on launch it starts recording automatically and press Home button to close it and it stops recording and sends memo direct to a specified DropBox folder. Extremely useful. TuneInRadio - already mentioned but worth mentioning again. Especially nice is the ability to catch up with older episodes and make recordings of programmes. Tweetlist - my prefered Twitter client. A tip is a double tap and hold on tweets to get a list of actions. Dragon Dictation - again mentioned already but super useful for dictating texts, emails or tweets if you aren't lucky enough to have an iPhone 4 S. Recognition is breathtaking. Skype - shame about the keypad in current version but still invaluable for cutting down on travel for meetings, and works over 3G unlike Facetime. Train Times (I think UK Train Times in the store) - excellent for all train journeys (UK-specific) SnooZZr - location-based alarm app. Search for a postcode or point of interest and set an alarm so many miles radius around it. Alarm works even if app in background or screen locked. Doc Scanner - excellent for OCRing a page of text in good light. Flex Player - a nice video player for almost every file format (ideal for presentations where you need to show video clips and the only truly accessible I've found) Crackle - a wide range of free films to stream TVCatchUp - watch a huge selection of streaming TV channels (not sure if UK only) DataMan - great way of tracking your wifi and 3G data usage. Set alarms when get close to limit. Remote - Apple's app for remotely controlling iTunes on your PC from your iPhone Units - handy utility for converting a value from one unit to another (including currency and measurements of all kinds) Reminders - the new app with iOS5 which takes a little bit of getting used to but is extremely handy when you have. Frotz - the only game I have found really compelling (although I have quite a few like Papa Sangre, NightJar etc). It's all the old text-based adventure games. Probs best to have a bluetooth keyboard for heavy text input. VizWiz - it goes without saying that this one is a must. Vision Sim - simulates a range of vision impairments using the camera and special filters. Very useful for awareness sessions with an audience. Box.Net - get 50Gb of free online storage if you set up an account through the iPhone app. Offer lasts until 2 Dec if memory serves. I have also put a number of shortcuts on my home screen to web pages - such as BBC iPlayer (which I actually find easier than the mobile app - but not sure if UK only for both) and live.twit.tv (an excellent source of tech podcasts which I listen to in DownCast, but sometimes it's just nice to listen to the live stream). It's easy to forget that one can save a web shortcut from Safari in this way. Thanks, Robin.

I have a lot of new apps to

I have a lot of new apps to find now! Thanks for the description and for mentioning that all of them are accessible :)

Some Favorite Apps

In no particular order... Re-minder SimplyTweet 5-0 Radio Pro WebDAVNav+ Dropbox LookTel Money Reader Amazon Mobile Studio Dragon Dictate Clear Record Timer+ Convert Light Detector Ariadne GPS DataVault Ping Pong Adapt. Trivia

There are so many... -

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There are so many... - Downcast, Tweetlist, Facebook (though I still use an older version), Facebook Messenger, Skype, WhatsApp Messenger, Notes, Akinator the Jeanie, iAssociate 2, ZanyTouch... I also use Pages, Keynote, Dropbox, Skydrive, Netflix and McTube a lot, but those are more on iPad for me. Some specifically Irish ones are Dublin Bus, Luas, Halo (a taxi app), Irish Rugby and Leinster Rugby. - all very accessible. you're never bored with an iPhone, lol!

Simplenote is very great too

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I have an app called Simplenote on my iPhone I use it a lot and I love it with voiceover So give it a try it will work great for you

Drop box

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What is drop box and what do you use it for

3 great internet radio apps

I really like listening to internet radio, so here are a few of my favorites. at the top of the list isOO Tunes Radio and alarm clock!. It's my favorite internet radio app. Another one I particularly like is SHOUTcast Radio. You can enjoy the very same stations you listen to on your PC, right there on your iDevice. None of the top 10 featured stations work because their links have changed but the app is extremely accessible with VoiceOver. Yet another is Pandora Radio. I subscribe to Pandora 1 which gets rid of the adds and gives you a higher quality stream if you're on a wifi connection. I sometimes have a little difficulty with the app as far as giving tracks thumbs up or down, but I always hear stuff I like so it's worth getting. Hope this helps!

They're referring to the app "Focus for Facebook"

See the AppleVis entry for details about Focus for Facebook: http://www.applevis.com/ios-app-directory/social-networking/focus-facebook Note that your query is about comments made over a year ago, so you might want to ask someone who uses this app about current usability status.

Simplenote allows you to find text in notes within the app

I also like Simplenote because it's the only note app I know of where you can accessibly search and find text strings within individual notes using VoiceOver. This is because when you run a search of your notes, and select a note that contains matches to your search terms, Simplenote will shift the text in your note so that the matched terms appear at the top of the visible screen. So if you simply touch the screen of your iPhone below the heading for the note, you'll find the line with matching text. Use the next and previous buttons in the bottom left corner of the screen to find the next match, and again touch the top of the screen just below the note heading to locate the match. You can start reading from that point with the standard two finger flick down, or you can flick left to back up a bit before starting to read.

My Favorite Apps as of DEC 2012

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Now that is a topic I just love answering! Believe it or not. I keep an ongoing list of mine. It changes every month as new things comes in and replaces older ones. So I am currently trying to make the AnonyMouse Top 100 Must Have apps suggestions because I get this question a lot.

People have certainly, have some new ones I need to check out! I love to hear what others consider their favorites.

AnonyMouse Top 100 Must Have Apps:Accessible MinesweeperAccessWorldAppShopperAriadne GPSAroundMeAssistant - Voice Controlled Time ManagementAtomic Web Browser - Full Screen Tabbed Browser w/ Download Manager & DropboxAudibleAudiobooks PremiumAudiobooAudio Xciter - DSP Enhanced Music PlayerBibleBlind BargainsBlindSquareBookmarkCheck the WeatherChimeColoredEyeDigit-Eyes Audio Scanner and LabelerDowncastDropboxDropVox - Record Voice Memos to DropboxEviFacebookFind My FriendsFleksy - Happy typingfoursquareFrotzGoogle VoiceGV Connect - Call & SMS client for Google VoiceHearPlanet: Audio Guide to the WorldHourly NewsiBlink RadioiMap Weather Radio -NWS Weather Alerts like a NOAA Weather Radio & RadarIM+ ProLight DetectorList RecorderLookTel Money ReaderLookTel RecognizerMapQuestMcTube - Client for YouTubeMotionX GPS DriveMuxic: The Music Lover's Music AppMy Local TVNaval CombatNewsify ~ Google Reader RSS News ClientNFB-NEWSLINE® MobileoMobyPandoraPapa SangrePodcastsPro Football Radio and Live ScoresRead2GoRoll it!RunKeeper - GPS Running, Walking, Cycling and more!ShazamSkypeSongzaStatus ReportStem StumperTextDetectiveTuneIn RadioTwitterTwitterrific 5 for TwitterType Brailler Learn BrailleViA - By Braille InstituteVizWizVM Alert - Video Motion DetectorVoice Brief - text to speech voice assistant for news email and moreVoice Changer PlusVoiceTexter - Voice assistant, translator and interpreter for iPhone and iPadvokulVoxer Walkie-Talkie PTTWeatherBug EliteWestminster ChimesWhere's my rubber duckyWhere To? - Discover your next destinationWikihood PlusYellow PagesZello Walkie TalkieZeroTap


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You know you can make a new tag in Simplenote Just Go to new tag In you can create a tad

Simplenote Tagging and Pinned Notes

Yes, you can tag notes so that you can select tag categories. You can also pin any frequently used note so it will always appear first in a category. And on the Mac, at least, there are a number of very good, free and accessible Desktop clients to let you create and read notes with or without tags, search, edit, etc. I've been using this app since I recommended it on the viphone list in Fall 2009. Currently I use it with either the Notational Velocity app, or it's variant that supports the Markup language, NV-Alt.


I had tried Googling it, but as you can imagine "focus" and "facebook" turned up way too many results.

My Favorites

Audible Bible Downcast Goodreads IBlink Radio IBooks IMobsters IPeng - app for controlling Squeezebox radio ITreadmill LastFM Live365 MLB at Bat Money Reader My Writing Spot NatureSpace - relaxation app with breathtaking soundscapes OoTunes - best radio app in the app store, imo Pandora Read To Go Spotify TweetList Yocto Clock - formerly Alarm Where To YouMail

here are my favorite apps

zello BBC news blog fire papasangre king of dragon pas downcast runtastic of course my fitness pal for my workouts netflix viggle skype

Facebook Quizlet read to go I

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Facebook Quizlet read to go I studies pro Zello walkie-talkie Glitter draw Glow paint DoodleBuddy Pig dice King's corner Pandora

Favorite Apps

I love Downcast, Tweetlist Pro and EZ feeds....the last one was my favorite until the dev stopped updating it...but he has a new update pending with apple, so that should fix everything in a matter of days and ez feeds will once again be at the top of this list for me. -Andrew-

My favorite apps

Downcast AccessNote AccessWorld Instapaper iBooks MyAT&T Walgreens Money Reader TapTapSee Audioboo Tiwitterific Zello Blindsquare Adriane GPS Get off now lite Around Me Pandora Blind Side

Favorite iPhone apps.

Favorite iPhone apps. TapTapSee messennger for Facebook, or whatever it's called. The one that makes FB messages look just like texts. TuneInRadio OOTunes DiceWorld I Associate II VoiceDream

Favourite iPhone Apps

Sorry, couldn't resist reviving this thread...

Books: Audible

Entertainment: Podcasts

Games: King of Dragon Pass, Moxie 2 and Shredder

Health & Fitness: NatureSpace

Music: Concert Vault and Qobuz

Reference: SkySafari 5 Pro

Sport: Forest, PlayerHD and talkSPORT