Facebook Messenger on Mac, what app can I use?

A few moments ago I was really happy, when I found out through a quick google search that I can add third party messaging services, like Facebook Messenger via Jabber, in the Mac native Messages app.
I was just as disappointed a few moments later when I found out that Apple has stopped third party messaging integration in Mac OS Mojave.
Someone on a forum suggested using Adium instead, which I have tested some years ago and seem to remember that I didn't like too much, but I figured I'd try it out again to see if it had improved during the last years.
But now it seems like Adium don't work any longer with Messenger either.
I've gotten quite used to using MenuTab for Facebook and accessing my Messages there, but it's a real pain, and it has to be a less clunky way of doing this on Mac. Any ideas?


The Messenger Web Site



, is your best bet these days for compatibility, especially if you are wanting to use "Voice Chat."

My only other recommendation, is to try and find an app/extension for FB Messenger among the "Chrome Web Store," for the the Chrome Browser.