Ending a call with the power button on iPhone SE

I would like to get an iphone Se once I am sure I am eligible for a new phone. I read that on the iphone 5s, you can end a call using the power button. Therefore, I was wondering if anyone has had success getting it to work on the Se with Voiceover on. I know you can do a two finger double tap, but it would be convenient to be able to end the call quickly with the power button if necessary. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.


#1 I thought apple broke that in

I thought apple broke that in ios 10 last September? I don't recall them fixing this in any of the betas.

#2 Yes you can

Dear Nicolay,
I bought iPhone SE one month ago with iOS 10.2 preinstalled and yes, I can end the call with sleep button like on older iPhones 5, 5s etc.

This is great feature i use everyday. I also have a iPhone 7 and I also had iPhone 6s but this feature is missing so much.

I wish you a beautiful day :)

#3 supposedly you can get this feature back

I saw recently a post, if you disable the autoselect when you're on a call, you can once again end the call. i wish they did bring it back, I've always felt awkward using the two finger double tap. To me, it feels like a "blind" gesture, I mean you don't see sighted people doing it, so why do we have too? Anyway I'm unwilling to see if that works. Btw, I mean, autoselect, to mean the choice to have a call go right to speaker if you move it away from your face.

#4 Not working here

Its not working on my iPhone SE. I'm using the latest iOS. Is there a setting somewhere that enables this feature?

#5 Ending a call

Hi Kelsey: I have the SE and, like others have said, can end a call with the Power button.

#6 A few tips

Remember to have the phone at your ear, don't pull it away before you end, or it will go to speaker. Also try looking in settings to where to route the call, and make sure it's only in the earpiece. Just a thought.

#7 You know, this now makes sense to me.

I've been frustrated several times when the 2 finger double tap didn't end the call if it wasn't on speaker. Now I understand why. You use the power button to end the call if your not using the speaker phone.

#8 Clarification

Just to clarify, I may have misunderstood.
Using the phone up to my ear, the power button ends the call as expected.
When I tested it earlier I was using my blutooth headset. In this case the power button simply locks the screen and does not end the caall.
Sorry for the confusion.

#9 When ending a call.

When ending a call, and the phone is up to your ear, you hit that home button twice. Once just locks the phone but twice will end the call.

#10 unable to end calls with power button on my IPhone 7 plus

Hi there! I thought this was an ios 10 glitch, but if people are saying it works, then I wonder what I'm doing wrong. Nine times out of ten, I always have the phone held up to my ear, but pressing the power button never ends the call the way it used to on my 5S. Yes, the 2 finger double tap usually works, but it isn't reliable and is a lot more awkward than simply pressing the power button to end a call. I've looked at audio routing options and haven't found anything relevant. Any assistance/advice for returning this all but essential functionality would be extremely appreciated.