Echos from Levia-soul bound no longer exists

I just went to download Echos from Lavia again after giving up on it for a while as i got stuck on the level where you have to kill captain Mandefero. I got the following message:
“This app cannot be downloaded as the app is no longer available in the app store”.

Has the app been removed from the app store?


That's what I'd...

That's what I'd guess. I mean usually when that message comes up, there's a pretty good chance that the app isn't in listed in the store anymore. Kinda hard to download an app that doesn't exist. :)

I'm stuck at this shallow marsh level..

I've tried, and tried and tried.. I've stepped carefully and walked in circles but can't cross the shallow marsh. Manda Farrow took me some time to beat as well, but I finally got him. I was gonna ask for any tips or advice on how to cross the marsh, but I too noticed the app has been removed.. Some of the voice acting was a little corny but it was a fun game leading up to the marsh. After paying $25 I should be able to pass over this uncrossable marsh. haha

I wonder why it was removed?

Even if the game was doing poorly in sales (and I don't know if it was) I wonder why it was removed entirely? I'm sure someone has a theory.

I didn't think the game was

I didn't think the game was worth the money personally especially because of poor puzzles like the marsh the audio on that was just badly implemented. But to the person having trouble with the marsh I had to actually resort to writing down in notepad how many of each step I was taking, then correcting as I died so that I could retrace my steps after a restart, luckily the puzzle didn't change after you died. there really weren't any puzzles to speak of not that I would consider a game anyway.


Did you actually get across?

I'm not sure, but...

I'm not sure why the app was removed from the app store, but maybe less than good sales might have something to do with it. Never can tell though.

I've gotta eat my words..

I've made it across.. Thanks to some help from my fully sighted girlfriend; I've made it across the marsh. I now realize what and where I was wrong, and wish I had given this game a better review on the app store so it was still here. Not that one good review would have saved an overpriced audio game.. If it had not been $25 more people woulda tried it out. It got more fun as I played, and I'm going to quit being so hard headed and ask my loved ones for visual help with things. lol The voice acting was on the corny side, but the game is fun to play.