Ebooks in iOs

I want to buy a book. It is not available in audio. Can I read an ebook text only on my phone? Don’t have a reliable braille display and only have iPad and iPhone. The iPad has a keyboard.



I have read several Ebooks of various text formats on my phone: Kindle, Daisy, PDF and Epub.
In the past, I've had problems with the iBook app and Voiceover not advancing to the next page when reading with the two finger swipe down from the top of screen, but there's other apps that do fine.

i knowq

Maybe should have explained better. I want to buy a book from apple books but it is in text, not audio and so I just wonder if there is a relyable way to read it with VO in just text.

If I understand the question,

Yes, if the Apple book is in text, you can read it in the Books app on an iPhone with Voiceover reading commands. It doesn't need to be an audio book. I prefer having the text for if I want to look at the spelling of words.