Downgrading to iOS 7.1.2 from iOS 8

Apple is still signing iOS 7.1.2 so you still have time to downgrade if iOS 8 is too buggy or sluggish for you. Info can be found here:
If you have any questions on how to do it using voiceover, find me (esan100) on Zello at Blind iPhone or on Twitter Blind_iPhone.
Keep in mind that Apple is only signing iOS 7.1.2 and 8 so even though you see the other firmwares, you can't downgrade below 7.1.2. Apple usually stops signing older firmwares about 2 weeks after a new iOS is available so act fast if you want to downgrade. Hope this helps.



#1 thanks for posting this

Yes, many people don't know that downgrading is still possible. Its good that Apple is allow downgrades at this point. It probably means that they are aware of many issues and are working towards a fix before making IOS 8 the must.

Even after this goes away, people can still downgrade using dfu mode. Instructions are easily found by googling them.

#2 I normally do dfu mode anyway

I normally do dfu mode anyway. I don't trust any other way. I"ve been a beta tester for apple for too long to know any othe rway. lol!

#3 still working

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As of the time of this posting, Apple is still validating installs of 7.1.2. I just did so on my iPod. It's nice to have quick braille input back, that's for sure!

#4 Works

Brother just downgraded; another casualty. I do hope iOS 7 continues to be signed until the worst of this has been dealt with. Of course, I don't have a choice with my iPhone 6 Plus, but I hope to somehow ride the storm when I get it.

#5 I try to do down grade still not possible for me.

Hi guys!
I try too downgrade My IPhone 5 to use with IOS 7 still not possible for me.
Anyone have any solution for that?
Because right now my IPhone 5 it was freezing a lot.
I can not use with the application at all.
So hope someone might bee kind enough to guide me for that.

#6 shift+enter on restore

You have to go to or some other iOS downloading site and find the correct 7.1.2 for your device, then download it to a folder and remember where you downloaded it to. Then go to iTunes, find the restore button and hit shift+enter on it. Then find the folder where you put the file which should have an .ipsw ending and hit enter on that.

#7 Thanks for the quick help

Thanks so much for such a great help.
I will try it then.
By the way shift+enter also work with ITune in windows?
Because I'm useing windows machine in here.

#8 windows

Yes I should have said shift+enter is for windows I do not know how to do it on the Mac.

#9 This sounds interesting, but

This sounds interesting, but I'll probably just suffer through IOS8's bugs because I don't want to have to restore all my data and settings on my iPhone 5s and iPod Touch.

With all the problems IOS8 apparently has, one wonders if Apple put any real effort into testing it before releasing it.

I seriously doubt that Steve Jobs would have allowed such an obviously flawed product to be released.

It's no wonder that I heard on NPR (National Public Radio) about a week ago that Android is the world's most popular operating system. Unfortunately, from my experience, Android is really terrible when it comes to accessability.

#10 No longer an option!

Hey Guys,
Downgrading no longer available. Apple has officially stopped signing.

#11 So does this mean we can't

So does this mean we can't downgrade using DFU mode?
I only upgraded today to beta test fleksy and can't get that installed, also experiencing really annoying issues where the virtual keyboard pops open in places where it isn't needed with no easy way to get rid of it, though I have found opening my Bluetooth keyboard makes it go away because that has a feature to hide the on screen keyboard, still its not ideal as that will waste battery. If I can I would very much like to use dfu mode to run back to 7.1.2 from 8.1, especially if I can't get the fleksy beta installed through the test flight app. Safari is especially prone to the on screen keyboard opening in the middle of webpages.

#12 Question about downgrading

For future reference, if a person downgrades to a previous version, could they restore from a backup so all the apps, contacts, etc would be reinstalled or would it be like setting up a new phone?