Downgrading to iOS 7.0.6

Can I downgrade to iOS7.06?


#1 no

no, at least without a jb.

#2 No

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No you can't downgrade. Even jailbroken devices can't be downgraded anymore.

#3 Ahaa. My previous brief

Ahaa. My previous brief googling came up with some results, but my search wasn't very in dept. Sorry about misleading comment.

#4 I never upgraded to 7.1

I never upgraded to 7.1 because of the known VO and Bluetooth keyboard issues. I won't update at least until 7.1.1 comes out, and only if the bugs have been fixed. My advice is to do as much research as you can before updating to the latest version of iOS.

#5 Agreed. will not upgrade

Agreed. will not upgrade either. I'm still running ios7.0.6 and will do so until either ios 7.1.1 or 88 what ever comes out first. There has been no news from the tech accounts I follow whho post updates of seed builds on twitter so I guess we'll see what happens.