Down A Row

Is there a gesture in VoiceOver that will allow you to jump down one row directly below where your focus is at a given moment? For instance, if you are in Vine and wanting to scroll down the right side of the Find Friends screen through the Follow/Unfollow buttons on the right side of the screen without reading through each name on the left side of the screen beforehand, is there a way in VO to do that?


Vertical navigation

I think I know what you are talking about. If you go into settings>general>accessibility>VoiceOver, then go to the rotor settings and tick vertical navigation. Then put the rotor selection on vertical navigation and when you flick up or down with 1 finger, it will move to what's underneeth the item you are currently on. E.G. you have messages, stocks, maps and weather going down on the left hand side of the homescreen, rather than flicking through the other items, you could just flick down and it would move to them items. Hope this helps.