Does anyone think there will be an iPad refresh on September 12

does any one think there wil be a complete i pad refresh at the apple september 12t h event?


Personally, due to the amount

Personally, due to the amount of hardware predicted to be unvailed at the event, they may just reserve any iPad refreshes until an October event, should they have one, when they may also refresh their mac line up, including the much speculated low cost Macbook Air, or so we think.

Refresh iPad?

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It's plausible and if they did. I'd imagine it will be the iPad Pro line that would be announced. Both size models would get the FaceID. If rumors are true and I do believe that they are and that is the iPad Mini will no longer be a thing. We already had a refresher on the low-end iPad earlier this year. So no update for that model. As for when they will annouce this? We shall see. ;)

rumor has it

I could be wrong, but I think I heard a rumor of an ipad pro sans the home button. Please don't ask me to recall the name of the source where I heard it from, because the name alludes me. Take it with a grain of salt though, because we all know how secretive Apple is when it comes to Apple stuff.
I also know that everyone is hoping for hardware at this event, because of the fact that Apple broke its tradition of announcing hardware at WWDC. this past June. Time will tell. For me, I'm interested in Ios. 12. And who knows? Maybe Apple will launch some knew app that I might be interested in looking at to see if it's something I need, want or have a use for. They did it with Clips. I may not have had a need for it myself, but you see what I mean.