Does anyone know where I can download more ram for macbook?

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My Macbook is slow as hell and my friend said i need more ram. anyone know a good site.

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Download RAM right now, for free! Our website gives you the ability to 'download more RAM' at no cost!

Official website:

Also includes RAM Cleaner@ 1.1 Like gunk in the engine of an automobile, your computer's RAM can become clogged with excess bits and bytes of unused data. RAM Cleaner@ flushes out all of the extra digital gunk, allowing your system to run at its best.

Please select the amount of RAM to download below:

1 GB (1,000 MB)

2 GB (2,000 MB)

4 GB (4,000 MB)

8 GB (8,000 MB)

16 GB (16,000 MB)

Please read our disclaimer before selecting.

Please note that downloading more RAM than is available to your PC (Mackbook) will not result in a performance gain.


#1 Seriously...

This IS supposed to be a joke, right...?

#2 Very good question

Watch this space. I believe there are some entertaining answers coming. Please try It's free and you can download as much as you need. And, no, I am not an app developer...

#3 Made my day

Don't want to be rude or anything, but are you a troll or what? RAM is a hardware component, man. If it were just a matter of software, then why do you think manufacturers would keep on releasing their products with only a limited amount of RAM and customers would still happily buy them and suffice with what the company gave them? Still, if this was meant just as a random joke, it worked for me. This really made my day. :-D

#4 RAM as a hardware component

first of all, is there really any need to be rude? Not everyone knows hardware components of computers.

Secondly, RAM is a physical hardware component, if you knew that then my apologies. The title suggests otherwise.

Normally you simply buy the corresponding RAM type, i.e. DDR3 or DDR4 RAM sticks and install them, depending on the system this can be easy or more difficult. You also need matching RAM if you have multiple ports. If you want eight gigabytes of RAM for example and your machine has four gigabytes of RAM in two sticks of two gigabytes each you'd need to get two four gigabyte sticks.

All of this said I have no experience with upgrading a Mac and their RAM yourself, however have a link to a resource that may help you.

This site has a scanner to find out what kind of RAM your Mac needs, Crucial is one of the many RAM manufacturers out there.

Good luck!

#5 Hardware knowledge

I'm sorry but even my mom who is turning 60 next year and has owned *one* single computer in her entire life knows that things like the processor, RAM (or memory as she calls it), hard drive, graphics card and sound card are physical things inside the computer. And if someone claims to be an app developer and doesn't know this, I would fear to even run their app for a second.

#6 Maybe this is just a bad choice of words

Hi! As I read this thread, it occurred to me that maybe the person who asked the question isn't as ignorant as some might think: he might simply have used the wrong word, asking where to download RAM for his Mac instead of asking where he could buy it online: either that or he wanted to download information about which RAM would be suitable. This is just a theory, I don't know whether the person in question simply made the above-mentioned wording mistake or whether he really thought RAM was downloadable. I've never bought RAM for any computer myself, but I would guess it's available online, although obviously anyone buying RAM on the Internet needs to be sure of which type they need.

#7 My bad

Clare, if that's in deed the case, then I feel sorry and dumb. This possibility should have occurred to me in the first place, given that I'm a non-native speaker myself. I should have some degree of understanding for mistakes like that. :-)

#8 not possible to download ram

Ram is not something you can download. You'll have to go to the apple store and ask them to install more ram.

#10 Is it supposed to be a scam?.

Is it supposed to be a scam?...

#11 Yes, the site is at least

The site the original poster put in their message is full of malware, according to one of my sighted friends, who happens to be very knowledgeable about computers. Plus, seeing as RAM is a hardware component, this all seems bogus. I mean, download the “RAM” would use up your existing RAM, plus the cleaner sounds very fishy. Just my opinions...

#12 if something sounds to good to be true, it probably is

There is a simple rule of thumb when it comes to getting things online, wether that be downloading a program, or even shopping for something. If something sounds to good to be true, then its probably a scam or as the last poster said, the site could potentially be full of malware. So the rule of thumb here is don't go to sites that look to be fishy or promiss you something that isn't technically possible.

#13 have not gone on the site, but sounds like a total scam to me

I have not visited the website that was mentioned in this thread. After rereading the first post, I've come to the conclusion that this site is probably full of malware and other things of that nature. Also, if you read what this site claims to promiss, its simpley not true. There is no way you can download more ram. This website just sounds like a total scam, and as I said, is probably loaded with malware. One peace of advice, do not go on this site.

#14 Faulty Component

Hi Arron,

I am sorry to hear that your Mac is running slow.
We here at AppleVis have examined your system specs, and have both some good news and some bad news.
The Good news is that your existing RAM is fine, and that there is no need for you, or any AppleVis User, to visit a dodgy Website and download a multitude of Viruses because some scammer is determined to ruin your day.
The bad news Arron, remains that we have indeed identified a faulty component within your system. Our IT Specialists think that this is possibly the most severe case of FCBKAC that they have ever seen. But, don't worry, there is a fix!
For the uninitiated, FCBKAC is short for "Faulty Component Between Keyboard and Chair" . This component, in its faulty condition, is causing your system to malfunction and post non sensical, and possibly dangerous, garbage onto the internet.
Fortunately, the fix is relatively simple. A soft reset of the faulty component will typically resolve issues within minutes. To perform a Soft Reset, simply identify the hard, spherical top of the Faulty Component and rap it sharply with your knuckles several times. For best results, wait a few seconds and repeat.
If you find that after a soft reset, your system is still posting nonsense onto the internet, a hard reset may be necessary. Again, find the hard, spherical top of the Faulty Component and this time smack it hard onto the desk in front of you. Honestly, at this point, the harder the better so really give it a good ol' whack. Feel free to repeat the hard reset until your system stops posting SPAM.

Hope this helps.


#15 RE: Faulty Component

Club AppleVis Member

LOL! Classic!

#16 That was funny! I nearly fell

That was funny! I nearly fell out of my chair, I was laughing so hard!

#17 LOL

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How I wish it was true! I mean the soft and hard resets! :)

#18 Has This Occurred to Anyone?

Disclaimer: this could hurt people's feelings, but that was not my intent at all. This was meant to be purely lighthearted banter.

Seanoevil, have u considered that some components between the chair and keyboard could be in need of replacement? or they could be naturally haywire, with rather basic and archaic circuitry? IMO, the original poster should take their component in for examination at the nearest hospital :)

P.S.: after some investigation of the download more RAM website, there is a small notice on the bottom, right after the copyright year, that states that this is a joke site. Kind of ingenious of the site designer, don’t you think?

#19 Oh I Forgot

there may be a lack of transistors in said component in need of examination, as well as a lack of proper connections between said transistors Xd

#20 Extremely entertaining!

This gave me a good laugh. Also, you cannot upgrade the RAM in all modern Macs because Apple solders it to the motherboard. They'd rather you pay them more money at the time of purchase or buy a whole new computer. Apple is king when it comes to proprietary and monopolistic policies.

#21 oh boy, thanks OP it was a

oh boy, thanks OP it was a good laugh, a good one.

#22 lol happy new year OP I wish

lol happy new year OP I wish you good luck :)

#23 Just downloaded a new screen

It's wicked.