different sound alerts for different mails?

I'd like to receive different sound alerts for mails from different senders while still keeping them in their separate folders. From what I understand, you can choose a different sound for different folks you add to your vip folder. But that would mean having all of these mails in one place, which makes no sense since I use different folders for different mailinglists etc.. Any suggestions how to have my cake and eat it? :-)


I believe the message show

I believe the message show up in VIP as an alias, not moving them. I'm not sure though. Iv'e dealt with VIP mail but never really paid attention to the way in which the messages were put there.

@KE7Zum: You're right, the

@KE7Zum: You're right, the mails are only shown in the vip folder additionally, not moved there. Thanks for the push in the right search direction. :-)

@Betsy: From what I understand so far, the sounds are customizable for every person on the vip list.

How do you...

How do you get different sounds for each person in your VIP folder?

From waht I've read, after

From waht I've read, after adding a Mail's sender to the vip folder from inside that mail, there should be options to give the adress a specific alert sound. I couldn't check it out since I can't create filters on my server at the moment. But that's a completely different story. :-)
hth anyway