Dice World-Yatzy and Balut

Hi guys,
I am just wondering if anyone else has noticed this. When I play with either Yatzy or Balut, it goes along fine for about 10 rounds or so, and then I get messages like "possible moves are..." or "possible moves are zero on five of a kind, zero on a full house" etc. After awhile, if I play on a tournament, the turn will not submit. Has anyone else noticed this?


#1 re dice world yatzy and balut

It may seem obvious, but have you tried deleting and reinstalling the game? I've had to do that a couple of times since I started playing dice world. I have never heard of this problem myself.
Hope that helps.

#2 Tried reinstalling

Yes, I have tried reinstalling the program. But that has not done any good. Try playing a game of Yautzy agaijst see computer, could you see if it happens to you. I am wondering if it's a voiceover bug. I have even talk to the developer. The developers trying to figure it out as well.

#3 Still wondering about this...

Hello all,
I am still wondering about Yatzy. I was wondering if maybe I was playing the game wrong. So I tried playing another tournament with yatzy and only selecting one move on each roll and not using the bonus roll, but now I still can't submit my turn. Thanks