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hi. was wondering. is there a legal way i could get maverics, and could i install it under windows 7 64 bit, under say like vm ware player. then, are there any guides, tutorials, for getting started with the mac and voice over. also need to learn ex code, as will be doing a programming course, and one of the subjects, is developing for the ios, ipad, i phone, mac. marvin.


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Mac OS X software is only licensed to run on Apple Mac hardware. So, in other words, the only way to legally run Mavericks is to purchase a Mac computer and run Mavericks from there.


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You cannot legally install OS X on anything that is not Apple hardware. This website includes several tutorials and podcasts on Xcode, as well as a page on making apps more accessible from a programming standpoint. It does not include resources on just learning the languages involved, though, as those are not specific to VoiceOver.