deleting stations on pandora using the pandora app for IOS?

hi all,
I just started using pandora again after quite a long time, and I can not find a way to delete stations I do not want on my list. There used to be an option in the router called actions and you could flick down to delete and double tap.Now, however there is nothing like that, and I would like to get rid of stations I don't listen to very much. There is no edit option either. Does anyone have any idea how to do this? Thanks in advance.


#1 deleting stations on pandora using the pandora app for IOS?


This is a known bug with the current iteration of the Pandora app on the iPhone. I am sure many of us have voiced our unhappiness with our inability to delete stations using the iPhone given the current state of the Pandora software.

I myself resorted to paying for and installing Hope on my Windows computer so that I could delete stations on the Windows platform. This is absolutely not an acceptable solution, but at present, it's the only one I have short of paying a sighted person to do this on the iPhone.


Curtis Chong

#2 Go to the Pandora web site on your PC or Mac

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You can go to the Pandora web site, login and delete stations there.

#3 issue

I think that the option for deleting stations might be under the personalize station button, or something along those lines. I'm unable to access it with VoiceOver though, because the entire device freezes after I double tap that button. I've been able to reproduce this issue on an iPhone 6 Plus and an iPad Mini first generation, both running iOS 8.3.

#4 deleting stations with latest Pandora app

I am using an iPhone 6 running iOS 8.3 and the latest Pandora app.

Although with this new version I can now at least get to the Shuffle Options to configure what is in my Shuffle, deleting stations is still problematic.

Sometimes I can do the double tap and hold on a station, 3 finger swipe left, and then I see a dialog with a Delete button. sometimes when I hit the Delete button, the station plays, and sometimes I am asked to confirm if I really want to delete the station. Sometimes after swiping 3 fingers left after the double tap and hold, no delete dialog comes up.

This is very erratic, unreliable, and frustrating.


#5 Often, I can delete a station

Often, I can delete a station by performing the double-tap-and-hold gesture when pointing to the station, then, without lifting muy finger, swiping left. I don't see the DELETE dialog box but if I again double-tap on the station, I seem to have activated the "delete" button and the station is gon.

Moral: one can still delete stations; it's just that VoiceOver doesn't offer any feedback.

#6 Swipe left with three fingers

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First, find the station you wish to delete using navigation by touch. Once VoiceOver is focused on the station name, do a three-finger swipe to the left. VoiceOver should say page 2 of 2. Now feel to the right of the station name, and you should find a delete button. You may have to do this a few times before the delete button shows up. Once the delete button is double-tapped, a confirmation dialog should come up asking if you're sure if you want to delete the station.

I recommend using touch navigation, because the VoiceOver focus can act a little weird while attempting to do this. Knowing where a station is on the screen helps out.

#7 an update and some questions.

okay, so I have been talking to someone from pandora, and they actually said that they will work on the problem. Yes, you can delete stations, but I have found that it isn't easy, nor can you do it all the time. sometimes it takes me more than five minutes to do this. I do have an idea how they can go about this, but I am unsure how much coding this may require. Maybe an app dev can toss some ideas at our heads, and I can show the person from pandora their post? anyway, you know how voiceover has a router, right? so why not put an actions option in the router? This way we can turn to the actions option and flick down to delete and double tap. My other question is about the shuffle options. How do you select stations to be shuffled with voiceover on? someone said it was possible but I can not figure it out. Thanks guys.

#8 deleting stations on pandora using the pandora app for IOS?


It now seems to work--deleting stations--using this procedure.

First, touch the station you want to delete.

Second, swipe left with three fingers.

Third, touch to the right of the station you want to delete. There are two buttons I discovered, the first is personalize, and the second is delete. Double tap delete.

The confirmation screen now comes up, and you can flick to the affirmative response.

I tried this on an iPhone 6 running iOS 8.3, and it worked consistently for two stations in a row.


Curtis Chong

#9 Er, um, I think you mean

Er, um, I think you mean "rotor" I would rather have a "Delete Station" button incorporated into the main screen for each station rather than modifying the rotor which is mostly used to control VoiceOver interaction with apps.

I have also found that for the swipe-left to bring up the delete button, I must do a double-tap-and-hold on the station..

#10 Actually I've been using the

Actually I've been using the roter more for the actions then to control vo so an actions thing in the rotor would be a good idea. I don't use pandora, I use spotify as that's hwere my own music is beeing sold, but yeah Just my thoughts.

#11 the rotor thing is actually brilliant

I definitely like the ability to delete a station simply by swiping down, and then confirming. It might take a bit of code but I don't see why it can't be done.

#12 the Rotor

So what's *really* being advocated here is to implement the "Actions" menu rotor item. That would be fine by me although not all applications implement it, obviously.

Having said this, I can verify that Curtis Chong's description/solution works very well.

#13 Deleting Stations on Pandora Using the Pandora App


Today, there is a new update for Pandora. Lo and behold, they made the process of deleting a station much easier now. We can now swipe down to a Delete choice. Make sure you rotor is turned to Action.

Congratulations and compliments to Pandora for making this happen. Not so good comments based on past actions, however.


Curtis Chong

#14 The latest version is much better with VO

In addition to deleting stations Pandora works much better with Voice Over in general. The station list can now be properly navigated using standard VO gestures and one does not loose one's place when the station list scrolls or when crossing a heading.
I've written to Pandora support to applaud their effort to improve the app's VO operation.