deleting ringtones from i-phone?

Lat night, I purcheased the wrong ringtone from the itunes store. Is there some way I can delte it?


try this

Not sure if this will work or not, but go to settings, sounds, ring tones and flick to the one you want to delete and rotor to actions and flick up to delete and double tap.

deleting ring tones from the iPhone

No this will not work. I just tried and when you get to the ring tone you want to delete no actions option is in the rotor. You might have to use iTunes to delete the ring tones.

Might be wrong but...

Hi the only way who I know is syncing using iTunes via windows or Mac. this is 100 per cent sure and efective and you will not loose any information or data, settings how ever if you u want to try another method could be great.