deleting g -mail from an iPhone 5

Is it possible to delete an e-mail message from a the inbox of g-mail on the IPhone 5? I know you can move or archive a message in g-mail on the iPhone 5 but I would like to be able to delete messages.


#1 Hello! You can swipe down

Hello! You can swipe down once on an e-mail message. VoiceOver says delete. ow double tap on the message. The way how gMail works is following: The message is moved to deleted messages folder, and stays there for 30 days. After that it is deleted permanently. I think you can change it, but I can't be 100% shure.

#2 Deleting instead of archiving

Hi there! I think the setting by default is to archive messages in the All Messages folder, and not delete them into the Deleted Messages folder. I remember I had to change this setting myself. What you have to do is, open settings. Go to Mail, Contact and Calendars. Once there, tap on the gmail account you would like to change this setting for. There you will find settings for Email, Calendars, Note, and below that there's a setting that's called something like "Archive messages" that you can turn off. There's an explanation of this setting if you flick one more to the right. Since my phone's language is set to norwegian, I'm not completely sure what this is in the english translation, but I'm sure you'll figure it out. Just turn that off, and you're good to go! :) Hope this is what you're looking for...